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Service Chretien D'Haiti

“Service Chretien d’Haiti (SCH) was created in December 1954 by the Protestant Churches of Haiti to bring relief to the victims of hurricane Hazel which devastated the southeastern coast of the country. Soon, after the Board realized that humanitarian actions were not sustainable, they decided to invest at the same time in agriculture and agricultural training, food security, environment protection, wash and rural credit.  Their targets were small farmers and vulnerable families in the country side. SCH worked almost uniquely in rural areas up until 2007 when it started an urban program that helped people with disabilities to attend church.

SCH partnerships started in 1999 with ACT. After the Haiti earthquake in 2010, it made an appeal to bring relief to persons with disabilities specifically. With the support of both ACT Alliance and Church World Service, SCH could help more than 2,000 disabled persons cope with the quake aftermath.”

“SCH is recognized by the Haitian Government since 1972.”

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