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Teachers Helping Teachers (Pwof Ansanm)

The director of Pwof Ansanm is Joy Miksic.  Teachers Helping Teachers (Pwof AnSanm) is an organization that teaches self-reliance through education.  Through education, they believe that Haiti can secure the resources necessary to provide for its citizens. 

Pwof Ansanm provides training for teachers.  They use current techniques from international research and adapt it to the context in Haiti.  They have a more intense level of teaching specifically for reading and writing to help to address the literacy rate in Haiti.  In the aftermath of the hurricane in 2010, Pwof Ansanm’s and partners have teamed up to provide backpacks and school supplies to students in need.  Aside from these that I have mentioned, they also help in other areas of education such as conducting agricultural seminars, providing teaching materials in Haiti’s native languages, reading and writing programs, and intensive studies where materials for teachers to use are provided

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