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Universidad Biblica Latino Americana

The Latin American Biblical University has one of the largest seminary campuses in the world -  spanning two continents.  Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, its program of theological education is carried out in 19 Centers in 14 countries. It is widely recognized as a leading center for theological education in Latin America and the Caribbean, preparing pastors and lay leaders for the growing Christian communities engaged in witness and service throughout the region.

Their vision states that they are a Latin American and Caribbean ecumenical institution dedicated to theological education and research, connected to a network of institutions that serve churches and social movements, contributing to the construction of a more egalitarian society, human enjoyment and the practice of peace with justice from the perspectives of faith and praxis. Their mission is in contributing to the strengthening of processes for social and religious transformation through reflection and biblical-theological research. The UBL carries out its mission through participation in a theological network, based on its commitment to the promotion of equality and the participation of diversified social sectors, from the perspective of the values of the reign of God.

The original institution that is now the UBL was founded in 1923. Since 1997, the UBL has been recognized as a university by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education. In recent decades it has been widely recognized for the creative initiatives it has taken in the development of new models of theological education.  At the present time it has students and professors not only from the major mainline protestant churches, but also from a number of Roman Catholic and pentecostal communities.  It is becoming more and more ecumenical as it seeks to respond to the concrete needs of the growing number of churches and the regions with which it is now associated. At the center of its life and growth is a model of diversified theological education which has gained the attention of educators around the world and is being adopted by a growing number of institutions.

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