Institute of Religious Studies (ISER)

Instituto de Estudos da Religiao

The Institute of Religious Studies is a civil society organization dedicated to the promotion of human rights and democracy. It was founded during the 1970s in Brazil, aiming to promote studies, research and social intervention about extensive issues of Brazilian society. Over the last 40 years, ISER has been attentive and sensitive to the important social demands and tendencies. In the international context of this period, they have frequently faced challenges which caused transformations without changing the essence and profile of the institution. They have always identified with its innovative, aggregating, critical and transforming character.

ISER accompanied the development of the Brazilian human rights social movements, encompassing a number of specific issues like the combat against racism and sexism, the defense of the rights of women, the homeless, young people, and the protection of the environment, among others. Today, the activities developed by ISER are guided, above all, by issues such as: Religion and Public Space, Sustainable Social Relations and Violence, Public Security and Conflict Management.   Also, they are developed by topics like transversal and interdisciplinary issues, such as gender, young people, and mediation. It is from these themes that the institution organizes its lines of action, defined as activities that aim to produce knowledge, to develop strategic projects and to evaluate and monitor public policy.



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