Mark Knowles

What led you to want to serve?

I’ve always felt a pull towards serving in some capacity, and most of my work life has been in some area of service. But in terms of wanting to go overseas with Global Ministries it was three broad strains merging together. One was the international experiences I’ve already had, especially a formational semester in Kenya two decades ago and several years in El Salvador with Peace Corps. A second was working for the past four years in our church in the area of service ministries (and enjoying it far more than I anticipated). And a third was wanting to share an extended cross-cultural experience with my wife, Danielle. It was these three strains merging together that led us to pursue this particular work in a faith context.

Is there a passage of scripture that carries special meaning in your daily work?

Luke 10—where the 72 are sent out to the places Jesus will go, to live with people and share peace with those that receive them; then they return to process this experience with Jesus joyously; then Jesus affirms the greatest commandment of loving God and loving others; then Jesus changes everyone’s understanding with the story Good Samaritan, where it is the reviled one who truly shows mercy. These things are all related, all key to this central passage of this most revolutionary Gospel. We’re still called to declare Peace to the others by sharing life with them; still called to savor such moments in joy; still called to love God and others; still called to change our vision where we finally see the truest mercy in the places and from the people where we least expect to see it.

Which books have influenced your understanding of your country of service, work, or theology?:

Waiting for God, by Simone Weil

Oscar Romero: Memories in Mosaic, by Maria López Vigil

A Theology of Liberation, by Gustavo Gutierrez

When God is Gone Everything is Holy, by Chet Raymo

Finding God in the Waves, by Mike McHargue

Which films that have influenced your understanding of your country of service, work, or theology?:

The Forgotten Kingdom

Monseñor: the Last Journey of Oscar Romero

A series of interviews with Desmond Tutu

The Good Place (TV)

Mark works with:

Mark Knowles