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Middle East Conflict Resolution Network


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Middle East Council of Churches

The Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) has been a close partner of Global Ministries since its establishment. The MECC plays an active role in conflict resolution, peace and community building, and bringing together Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant churches throughout the Middle East.

The Middle East Council of Churches held a workshop in 2001, which created the Middle East Conflict Resolution Network (MECRN). They brought together activists and scholars familiar with the region to reflect on inter-communal conflicts. They listened to expressions of pain and conflict within the region and learned successful models of resolution. MECRN has been putting these models to use ever since.

MECRN continues to research and collect data for analysis of conflicts in the region caused by religious tensions, legislation and legal issues, politics, economics, and socio-cultural differences. Another activity of MECRN is to facilitate regional reconciliation training, while staying responsive to local and regional priorities. They facilitate regional exchanges between conflict resolution advocates and trainees in order to benefit from experiences in conflict mediation, technical, and spiritual intervention. MECRN also coordinates research and activities with other conflict resolution organizations in the region.

Funding support is needed for continued study and networking between conflict resolution groups and grassroots campaigning, a task becoming harder due to current events.

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