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Switzerland is located in Central Europe, east of France, north of Italy. 

Population (2014 est) – 8,061,516

Area – 25,650mi

Capital – Bern

Ethnic Background

     German - 65%

     French - 18%

     Italian - 10%

     Romansch - 1%

     Other - 6%

Exports - machinery, chemicals, metals, watches, agricultural products

Imports - machinery, chemicals, vehicles, metals; agricultural products, textiles

Life Expectancy (2014 est) – M 80 years     F 85 years

Infant Mortality (2014 est) - 3.73 deaths/1,000 live births

Adult Illiteracy Rate – 1%

Support Ministries in Switzerland

 To make a general gift for the work being done by partners in this country use the online donation page. Select Middle East and Europe from the designation list and type work in Switzerland into the Project/Partner line.

You can also make a gift for these specific ministries in Switzerland:

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