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From War to Peace: Iraq and the Church's Voice

Table of Contents

 Editor's Note
  • Editor's Note
    The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have continued for several years.  The impacts of these wars on both countries, and on the US, have been quite stark in terms of social, political, and economic effects, as well as the most important, the human. Click to read full text
  • From War to Peace Cover Letter
    Signed by Rev. Sharon Watkins, Rev. John Thomas, Rev. David Vargas, and Rev. Cally Rogers-Witte
The Voices of our Church Partners: Perspectives from the Middle East
 The Voice for Those Unheard: Internally Displaced and Refugees
 The Voice for our Compatriots: Those serving in the military and their families
 Making Our Voices Heard: Advocacy and Public Policy
 Voices for Peace

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