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Israel/Palestine Background and Definitions


Over the years many questions have been asked about the Middle East, whether in a time of crisis or not.  The truth has often suffered when the questions were answered with myths and stereotypes.  Myths mix reality with untruth to create an image.  They are subjective and opponents often create their own myths in response. People who question the myths or who present balanced information are seen as the enemy.

It is also true that the details of history are easily forgotten and in a situation where myths and mottos have entered the narrative, the facts are often replaced in people's minds by these myths and mottos.  This section is an effort to get at the facts, admitting that there may be a difference of opinion based on ambiguous information.

These questions were gathered from leaders who speak about Israel and Palestine; people on many sides; and by listening carefully to the comments and questions of those who simply respond to what they read and hear.  Read through an entire section, if an answer is not quite clear.  Your question may be answered further on.  Since this piece was written in 2001, there will be new questions added that reflect the changing circumstances.  This reference is divided into categories since so many questions have been suggested and gathered.

 Israel/Palestine Background and Definitions

Who's Who?
Who are the Palestinians?
Islam and the Holy Land
Christianity and the Holy Land
Judaism and the Holy Land
Biblical Connections
Pre-1967 History
The Intifadas
Peace Treaties and Movements
The Separation Barrier
Ask Yourself
Words, Words, Words

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