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Forum for Development, Culture, and Dialogue (FDCD)

FDCD represents a faith-based, integrated initiative rising from the community and aiming to restore dignity to marginalized, oppressed, and dehumanized individuals and communities. We strive to support communities of faith, both Muslim and Christian, to work alongside civil society organizations to address the challenges that face their communities, individually and collectively. This is done through a process of dialogue, interfaith solidarity and cooperation among communities in the Middle East.  Through this sense of solidarity, and through intervention in specific locales, the FDCD works to activate the role that religious communities—Muslim and Christian—can play as they strive for cultural, social, and economic empowerment of marginalized communities and the promotion of sustainable development; advocate for and encourage the peaceful transformation of conflict at multiple levels in society as a means of building peace through justice and reconciliation; and promote inter-communal understanding and cooperation by strengthening the role of women and youth in inter-cultural dialogue.

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