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Haigazian University

(Beirut, Lebanon)

Haigazian University was established in 1955 as a liberal arts institution of higher learning using English as the language of instruction. It offers the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees. All three are recognized by the Lebanese government and Association of International Colleges and Universities.

Dedicated to excellence in the liberal arts and professional education, the University strives to prepare men and women who are inspired to serve with purpose, imagination, and generosity in their communities while conscious of living in an interdependent and multicultural world.

Haigazian University, which is supported by the Armenian Evangelical community and other partners in the service of the Kingdom of God, is open to all students who are academically qualified regardless of race, nationality, or creed. Through the close relationship between faculty and students, the institution has left a successful track record of graduating informed and open-minded students who are dedicated to truth, freedom and service.

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