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Cannon, Kahala


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How would you describe the mission of our partner in India?

Christian Hospital Mungeli is a 120 bed hospital that is operated by the Church of North India and provides a vast array of in-patient and out-patient medical services which includes dental.  The hospital receives patients within a 50 mile radius of Mungeli, Chhattisgarh and is committed to providing exceptional quality healthcare through a holistic approach in addressing the healthcare needs of an individual.

Mission Statement:  The whole community of Christian Hospital Mungeli is committed to providing holistic healthcare through excellent services, quality care and respectful treatment in which the spirituality of each person is honored.  No patient will be refused.  All patients will be treated regardless of what religion they belong to, and the hospital will always strive to provide the best services at the minimal cost, always being aware to serve the marginalized and needy.

Christian Hospital Mungeli is committed to impacting the lives of people in the community of Mungeli, neighboring villages, and state of Chhattisgarh through teaching and training.  This is accomplished through the administration and operation of the Nursing School and Rambo Memorial English Medium School.

How do you fit into their mission?

Christian Hospital Mungeli is focused on providing its patients with excellent healthcare services and impacting the lives of those in the surrounding communities.  As a dentist, I serve in the Dental Department by providing preventative and comprehensive dental care and educating patients in oral health related issues.

Christian Hospital Mungeli is striving to increase its presence in the community and in the Rambo English Medium School by building awareness through community involvement, oral health education, performing dental screenings and care, and promoting health events (dental camps) via dental outreach programs.

In addition to practicing dentistry, I contribute my gifts by teaching and mentoring at the Nursing and Rambo Memorial English Medium Schools, supporting the mission of the Church of North India.  My ministry consists of sharing the gospel through the displaying of love and compassion while serving and rendering dental treatment to the glory of God.

Give a gift for Kahala Cannon's Appointment

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