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Kim Free


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Meeting a critical presence request by the United Church of Christ in Mozambique, Kim and Erik Free were approved as missionary candidates to serve a full four year term working in rural Mozambique as a health worker and local minister, pending financial support for this position. UPDATE: Year 2 of fundraising for Kim and Erik Free’s missionary appointments is underway with slightly over $10,000 received in the first quarter (July 1 – September 30).  This is great progress toward the annual goal of $50,000!  It is time for those of you who sent Global Ministries your Intentions to give annually for this purpose to send in your contributions for Year 2; and new donors are needed, as the Intentions cover only $16,200 of the goal for the year.  To make a contribution to their work you may give onlineset up a recurring gift or give by check to Global Ministries.

How would you describe the mission of our partner in Mozambique?

The United Church of Christ in Mozambique is active in many mission projects around the country. Some of these include education, agricultural projects, small-scale loan projects, as well as supporting local churches and starting new churches.

How do you fit into their mission?

Erik and I are currently working hard to learn Portuguese and will soon be involved in helping local church school students learn English through conversation groups. We have begun participating in the local church and communities. One of our most important jobs is to be that critical presence with the people of Mozambique and to communicate what is going on here with all the supporters in the United States.

What led you to engage in this calling?

Erik and I have always shared an interest and passion for overseas mission work. Like so many others, we have been blessed with a willingness and passion to serve where our skills and gifts can be used to their fullest. Through many conversations and prayer we have found that place in Global Ministries.

How can we support you in mission?

Making sure that your local congregation participates in missions, either local or global. Share our stories at your church and add us to your prayer list. Invite a missionary to come and share in your congregation. We are also trying to raise the necessary funds for our mission work, and would greatly appreciate your financial support as well. You can also keep up with our latest adventures through our Facebook page.

To make a contribution to their work you may give online, set up a reccuring gift or give by check to Global Ministries.

Give a gift for Kim Free's Appointment

 Prayers and Mission Stories

Learn more through Kim's blog The Frees in Mozambique.

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