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Bible Studies for Week of Prayer and commitment from United Congregational Church of Southern Africa

Written by United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA)
March 8, 2013

The week of prayer and commitment is a period set apart early in the year for Prayer, Bible Study and Reflection. We are called upon to come together in house groups or ward meetings for weekday meetings for Bible Study, fellowship and meditation on the suggested topics. The week’s Bible Studies should lead to the Covenant and Commitment Sunday which falls on the first Sunday of February. This year we have chosen to focus on the UCCSA theme, “Christ is Calling Us: Participating in Suffering and Struggle”. We are also mindful of our transnational character as the UCCSA, hence the need to continue to pray for our member countries to strive for justice. The following six Bible studies should help us unpack the theme and lead us to the Covenant and Commitment Sunday.  Each local church is encouraged to arrange daily Bible studies and prayers in order to re-commit ourselves for our challenges. We are offering this series of Bible Studies to assist in the process. We have prepared brief introductions for each session in order to allow the groups to spend more time in their own discussions. The intention is to have more in-depth engagement with the text of scripture.  It is suggested that the Bible study facilitators should take note of the following points:

  1. Begin the meeting with prayer.
  2. Ask group members to take turns to read the text.
  3. Explain, engage and wrestle with the text in the light of your context.
  4. Use the given questions to assist the group in its discussion but do not limit yourselves to these.
  5. Close the sessions with the prayer-focus for the day and include local concerns in your prayer.

Click here to download the complete Bible study

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