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Mission History from an African Perspective

January 14, 2013

Almost all of the books one finds concerning the history of mission work in Africa have been written from the perspective of missionaries or western observers.  The voices of indigenous Africans, who were in almost all cases the most effective agents of Christian mission, are seldom heard.  With the release of Precious Mt. Silinda by Mrs. Kate E. Sukuta and her son, Dr. Sydney Sukuta, this void is beginning to be filled.

Precious Mt. Silinda examines the impact of Christian missionary work in Africa since the dawn of the twentieth century from an African perspective, focusing specifically on the history of long time Global Ministries partner, the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe.  As coauthor Mrs. Kate Sukuta notes, “I feel as though God put me in a unique position to witness over a century of Christian work through my parent’s s eyes, starting when Mt. Silinda Mission and the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe (UCCZ) were simultaneously founded in 1893, followed by my and my late husband’s Christian work to date. As we enter the twenty-first century I feel obligated to share this gift God gave me with the rest of the world, for perhaps this is part of my mission and purpose in life. Even though this “Century Missionary Report Card in Africa” represents my specific interpretations, opinions, and views, I am almost certain that most African people who share a similar background with me will generally agree with my overall conclusions.”

Mrs. Kate Sukuta is a second generation member of the UCC Zimbabwe and much of the historical information comes from her personal experience.  Her son, Dr. Sydney Sukuta, is a former member of the UCC Zimbabwe and now works as a professor in California.

On orders of 20 or more copies, donations can be sent to the UCC Zimbabwe through Global Ministries. For more information, please visit the Precious Mt. Silinda.


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