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Samaritan Care Centre Volunteer Staff Profile: Jacquilene DuPont

February 29, 2008


Samaritan Care Centre, South Africa Image

Jacquilene DuPont, "Jackie", is one of the old-timers at the Samaritan Care Centre. Her next door neighbour, Centre Coordinator Rose Mitchell, recruited her and she has been on board ever since - except for the time when she took care of her granddaughter Arthalia who was born two months premature. Once small enough to fit into one hand, she is now an energetic three-year old, who still is very close to her grandmother's heart. 

Image"With God all things are possible," as a wall-hanging in Jackie's lounge proclaims.

Jackie lives with her husband, sister, four children and granddaughter Arthalia in a quiet part of Buffalo Flats. "You can even leave your wash on the line overnight and you will find it there in the morning," she says.  Her Imagehusband is employed as a forklift driver at a warehouse in East London. She herself once worked as a machinist. For a long time, the family has been actively involved with the Parkside Baptist Church.

Like most of the Centre's volunteers, Jackie has completed the Home Based Care training.  However, her primary role at the Centre is now in the kitchen, where she works as a chef.  All morning long, the entire building is filled with the mouth-watering smells of the hot meal being prepared for the patients in their kitchen. Image

Jackie would like the Centre to grow bigger in the near future, so as to accommodate more patients, including HIV infected and affected children.

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