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Hartford Seminary International Peacemaking Program (ONGOING)

June 1, 2011

The International Peacemaking Program (IPP) is a one-year program which brings students from countries in which there is interreligious conflict to study interfaith dialogue and leadership skills so that they can return home and be more effective peacemakers.  Through the generous support of the Carpenter Foundation and local communities of faith, we are able to offer this experience free of charge to qualified applicants with demonstrated leadership potential.

This year we have three IPP students, Christians from Nigeria, Thailand and the Philippines.  In past years we have had Muslim students as well, and our students have come from countries including Iran, Lebanon, Indonesia, Pakistan and Ghana.  Their experience in the program includes, in addition to graduate academic work among Christians, Muslims and Jews here at the Seminary, immersion in a local faith community, where they experience how issues of social justice are addressed, and interfaith activities with our IPP partner, Intersections International in New York, which also brings IPP students to the United Nations.

Would you be so kind as to forward information about this opportunity to both prospective IPP participants you may know of, as well as to other colleagues who are themselves likely to know of qualified candidates?  The application process is not complicated, but can be time-consuming, so the sooner we can begin to receive materials, the better for all involved.

The first step is for IPP candidates to apply for academic acceptance into the Graduate Certificate program here at the Seminary (IPP students work toward a Graduate Certificate in either “Interfaith Dialogue” or “Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Dialogue.”  Once accepted academically, a scholarship application for the IPP is submitted, and a limited number of full scholarships awarded.  The applications can be completed at the same time, but consideration by the IPP Scholarship Committee assumes previous acceptance for academic study at the Seminary.

Interested applicants should let me know of their interest, and then be in contact with the Hartford Seminary Admissions Manager, Vanessa Avery, at, who will guide them through the academic application process. 


International Peacemaking Program brochure


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