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PalesTime: A summer in Palestine (ONGOING)

April 28, 2014

This program is specifically designed for students and young adults who desire to have an opportunity to travel to the Holy Land, and to study some of the most important issues related to the Middle East in general and to Israel and Palestine in particular. It is organized for students who want to use some quality time for intellectual reflection, cultural interaction and the study of the Arabic language. The program aims at encouraging second, third and fourth generation Palestinians in the Diaspora to embark on a journey to their roots to discover their heritage.

This educational program and seminar is ecumenical, interreligious and global in nature, scope and design. It is expected from the participants to form a serious learning community, not only in the classrooms and guided  educational experiences, but also in the sharing of meals and reflections, and in the studying and traveling together. It is specially designed for college and university students.

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