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Caluqui Child Care Center Report

October 14, 2010

The Ecumenical Foundation for Integral Development, Training and Education (FEDICE) coordinates educational, health, agriculture, and community development projects for the indigenous population in rural communities of Ecuador, a country where between 70 and 80 percent of the population lives in poverty. With the help of Global Ministries and other partners, FEDICE carries out construction projects, medical clinics, pastoral work, and other programs in the provinces of Imbabura and Cotopaxi.

Caluquí Child Care Center is a community center in the parish district of González Suárez in Imbabura province, Ecuador. In June 2006, community leaders requested the completion of this project because children’s living conditions were inadequate. In 2008, Violet Groth Vaca, retired Global Ministries missionary and children’s advocate, passed away. The center was completed after her death and dedicated in her memory. The building of the center was supported by various organizations, such as the local government of Imbabura, the parochial council of González Suárez, and the support of constituents of Global Ministries with a special connection with FEDICE and the decades of ministry of Violet Vaca.

In June 2008, a group from Saint Louis helped complete the construction of the facilities, including a kitchen, new floors, and plaster walls. In September 2008, a group from Austin, Texas, helped complete repairs including roofing repairs and the property was enclosed with a fence. It should also be mentioned that the local people, for whom it is very customary to participate in any project that will serve their community, were very involved in all aspects of the project.

The Center has been recognized as one of the best child development centers in the region. The building serves not only as a child development center, but also as a community meeting place and adult literacy training center. In addition, English classes for the children are being taught by a volunteer from FEDICE.

Though the building is complete, assistance for maintaining the Center, caring for the children, and serving the community is greatly appreciated.

Click here for the project description for the Caluquí Child Care Center.

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