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Haiti Earthquake Response: One Year Later

January 11, 2011

January 12, 2011 marks the one-year anniversary of the massive 7.0 earthquake which shook Haiti killing nearly 300,000 and displacing approximately 2 million people.  In the year since, Haiti has also been hit with a cholera epidemic and flooding from Hurricane Tomas.  

While significant challenges to a full recovery remain, there have been many successes.  

Generous donations from members and friends continue to enable Global Ministries to support effective relief, recovery and rebuilding initiatives in Haiti.

These gifts, shared with our indigenous, grassroots and international relief and development partners have reached thousands of Haitians.

  • Emergency food, clean water, hygiene kits, shelter materials and medication have been distributed
  • Artesian wells and latrines are being constructed
  • Educational programs for children have been re-established and expanded and permanent schools are being constructed
  • Families are returning to their newly repaired homes
  • Persons with disabilities are being supported to re-establish small businesses
  • Seeds, tools and agricultural training have been provided to Haitians who have moved to the countryside
  • Trauma counseling and cholera prevention education is actively being shared

And, plans are in place to support full-scale home construction as soon as land ownership issues can be resolved.

Yet, over a million people in Haiti remain extremely vulnerable.  A fragile infrastructure, limited government capacity and soaring poverty levels prior to and post earthquake have no easy remedy.

The resiliency of the Haitian people is remarkable.  Recently, Kenson Vilmay, a school coordinator in Lay-o-gone said,   “It’s all good, life is not over because of this.  Life continues.  You have to get up and still keep living.”

Global Ministries and our partners are committed to accompanying the people of Haiti on the long, long journey of recovery.  Your prayers and gifts make this commitment possible.  Thank you.

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