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New Day Magazine for Women Focuses on FEDICE in Ecuador

Written by Cathy Myers Wirt
January 30, 2009

New Day Magazine for Christian Women, a spiritual formation tool published by Christian Board of Publication, features 8 stories of FEDICE in the 2009-10 copies available from the printer only a couple weeks ago.  This resource is written in English and Spanish. The leader's guide is also in English/Spanish within one publication. If you want to learn more, you can read about FEDICE in the words of the women of the ministry.  8 stories of women, written by Blanca Puma and accompanied by pictures she took of these women, are part of the magazine scattered throughout.  A map of Ecuador and recipes of Ecuador are also in the magazine.  In addition, the full size map of South America that is an accompanying piece, tells of FEDICE and other Global Ministries missionaries and partners in South America. The leader's guide for New Day Magazine also contains many interesting stories of FEDICE to go along with the stories of the women of FEDICE.

To find more information about this Women's resource and to place your order, you can go to:

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