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UCC and Disciples Pilgrimage to Guatemala

May 15, 2012

Thirteen participants traveled on a pilgrimage trip to Guatemala from the UCC and Disciples in Montana, Wisconsin and Illinois. Their goal is to expand relationships and meaning of what it means to be in fellowship with other people of faith.  The group leader, Teresa Dulyea-Parker has been to Guatemala numerous times. Last year, a group from the Montana-Northern Wyoming Partnership traveled to Central America and returned with an interest in developing ongoing relationship with a particular group of church women, CONAVIGUA.  CONAVIGUA is a coalition of widows in Guatemala that was founded by the indigenous religious leader Rosalina Tuyuc Velasquez with the purpose of unfolding healing in a country that had experienced decades of civil war.  Ruth Fletcher started a relationship last year with CONAVIGUA that we may be able to more formally live into through our Montana-Northern Wyoming Partnership.

Read updates on the trip on Marc Stewart's blog:

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