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CMEP Action Alert: Ask your candidates, "Do you support Middle East peace?"

Written by Churches for Middle East Peace
October 3, 2012

With the campaign season in full swing you have an opportuity to raise your concern for peace in the Holy Land in campaign-related ways. Incumbents and challengers are spending their time on the campaign trail talking with constituents like you.

Asking questions now, when candidates are asking for your vote, can influence their actions when they come to Washington. In town hall meetings, meet and greets, letters-to-the editor and through individual correspondence you can let your candidates know your concerns about the the role of the U.S. in ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Since many candidates are active on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media, and their campaigns monitor these sites closely, post your questions on your candidates’ pages as well as taking action below.

Click here to send an email to your incumbent in the House or Senate who is up for re-election.

Ask the challengers about their positions. Click here to find who is running in your district and state.

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