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Communique from the Arab Group for Muslim-Christian Dialogue

Written by Arab Group for Muslim-Christian Dialogue
July 26, 2014

At a time when many Arab countries are witnessing an internal corrosion process, Israeli forces committed a new brutal assault on Gaza Strip which claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians, wounded thousands, destroyed houses over the heads of its residents and bombed schools and hospitals sheltering patients as well as doctors.

Along with this new onslaught’s persistence, voices are rising to justify the offensive as self-defense, which, in reality, is nothing but a defense of occupation, siege and starvation.     

The Arab Group for Muslim-Christian Dialogue raises the voice high against the random killings perpetrated by Israeli forces and against any cover-up, justification and tolerance of these crimes.

The Arab Group believes that the sufferings of Iraq’s Christians, in general, and those of Al Mosul city, in particular, represent the flip side of this ugly crime targeting the whole Arab nation in its existence, its identity, its present and future. As the attacks against Iraq’s Christians directed towards their religion and sacred places are complementary to Israeli attacks aiming Gaza’s people, their existence, their lives… and therefore the Palestinians’ right to life and to establish their independent nation.

Moreover, the Arab Group for Muslim-Christian Dialogue considers ISIS’s behavior towards Iraq’s Christians not only a deviation from Islamic teachings but, also, a separation with an Islam which dealt with Christians, since the days of Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him, as believers in Allah and holders of a divine message revealed by God Almighty.

For that purpose, the Arab Group urges all Islamic and Christian religious authorities to raise their voices together against this phenomenon that transcended all limitations and restraints, and tore apart the national fabric that formed the basis of Arabic societies’ unity with its various religious and national constitutions.

Finally, the Group calls upon the international community and human rights organizations to intervene and stop the series of violations against Iraq’s Christians in the name of Islam, an Islam that is completely innocent from this injustice, and against Gaza’s people at the hand of the Israeli occupation forces. Remaining silent in the face of a crime, any crime, means having chosen the side of the oppressor.

General Secretariat of the  Arab Group for Muslim-Christian Dialogue, Beirut




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