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JAI: Eye on Palestine--August 2014

Written by the Joint Advocacy Initiative of the Palestinian YMCA and YWCA
September 2, 2014

The ceasefire has stopped and bombing has resumed by the Israeli army, with resistance from the Palestinian groups. The death toll is over 2,100 now. Violence also continues to escalate in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as the resistance to occupation grows stronger.

My plea to the people of Israel: Liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, in an exclusive article for Haaretz, calls for a global boycott of Israel and urges Israelis and Palestinians to look beyond their leaders for a sustainable solution to the crisis in the Holy Land.  Read more...

Unmasking a baseless Israel claim

The human shields' argument is not only designed to absolve Israel of responsibility, it deprives Palestinians of their humanity.  Read more... 

West Bank shops boycott Israel

Angry over the bombardment of Gaza, Palestinians in the West Bank are starting to shun Israeli goods. In the past, concerted efforts have been made to rid the Palestinian market of products originating in Jewish settlements built illegally in the occupied West Bank - but never goods made in Israel. Last week, large supermarket chains began to clear their shelves of Israeli products, promising customers they would replenish them with Palestinian or imported ones.  Read more...

Report: EU won't import poultry from settlements

The restriction on such imports is in line with a footnote within the EU Guidelines that went into effect in January, restricting business and trade with Israeli entities located in the West Bank.  Read more...

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