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New Peace Now Report: Netanyahu's Settlement Policy Wrecks Two-State Solution

Written by Peace Now
January 17, 2013

[The following is from the Americans for Peace Now website, published on Jan. 16, 2013.]

The Israeli Peace Now movement (Shalom Achshav) today released an explosive report detailing the record of Prime Minister Netanyahu's government on settlements over the course of its full term in office (April 2009-present). The report, based on official Israel government statistics, reports, and Peace Now field research, documents how over the past four years, the Netanyahu government has used settlements as a tool to systematically undermine the chances of achieving a viable, realistic two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, despite Netanyahu's rhetorical embrace of such a goal.

The full report is available in English, here.

Key findings of the report include the following areas:

  • Promoting Construction East of the Barrier
  • A Record Number of Tenders for New Settlement Construction in the Short- and Medium-Terms
  • A Flood of Planning for New Settlement Construction in the Medium- and Long-terms
  • Establishing New Settlements
  • Legalizing Illegal Outposts/Promoting Illegal Construction
  • Opening the Settlement Floodgates in East Jerusalem
  • Demonstrating Extraordinary Generosity in Funding for Settlements
  • Coddling Settler Law-Breakers

Click here for the full summary, and here for the full report.

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