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Reformed Church in Hungary publishes annual report

Written by the Reformed Church in Hungary
September 15, 2014

We here at the RCH are happy to share with you our story, realizing the gift which has been given to us through Christ to be His witnesses across the world. Through this annual report, we hope to give you a look into our main challenges and passions within our context in Hungary, and beyond this as members of the Hungarian reformed community in the Carpathian Basin. In it we highlight the RCH's ministry with Roma people and the steps taken toward reconciliation as well as a step by step look into the Church's current revision process and the fruits of our worldwide partnerships.

Crisis in Ukraine: Nobody Knows What's Coming 

There is an air of uncertainty these days in Ukraine. No war has officially been declared, but the partial military mobilization affects Hungarian families, as well. There are Hungarians on the eastern front; moreover, the first victims have already been buried. We recently visited Beregszász (Berehove) with Sándor Pál, director of the Advisory Board of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid to learn more.

The Reformed Church in Sub-Carpathia issues peace statement

The leadership of the Reformed Church in Sub-Carpathia has issued a statement of peace, protesting any form of violence and war, and striving instead for the peaceful co-existence of all nations living in Ukraine. The statement is sent to each congregation of RCSC, to the leaders of Ukraine and Hungary, as well as European decision-makers.

Hungarian Reformed Church Aid Crisis Response Plan in Sub-Carpathia

One of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid's strengths is its ability to use church institutions during its relief and development work. In the Carpathian Basin there are more than 1,200 congregations and their associated institutions at the HRCA's disposal, and almost 100 in Sub-Carpathia. These institutions help, not only with local background information, but also by providing infrastructure, specialists and instruments.

Click here to read the Reformed Church in Hungary's 2013 Annual Report.

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