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World YWCA Solidarity Message to Egypt and Côte d'Ivoire

Written by the World YWCA
February 11, 2011

The world continues to hold its breath as we witness the unfolding situations in Egypt and Côte d' Ivoire, as citizens, men and women, demand democracy, claim their human rights and ask for the rule of law.

The popular protests in Egypt remind us yet again that for women and girls, access to quality services, social justice and possibilities for raising their voices are closely tied to their political environment. The World YWCA is deeply concerned about the recent developments of violence in Tahrir Square and the number of wounded and dead. The World YWCA also witnesses uncertainty in Côte d' Ivoire as the November 2010 election outcome remains contested, and the political and economic life of the country remains disrupted.

The World YWCA stands in solidarity with the people, and in particular the women and girls of these two great nations as they strive to be part of the solution to the current crisis. Women as leaders are seeking for their voices to be heard for a place at the peace making and negotiations table. We pray for the deeply held values of peace with justice to guide the many people of goodwill who are at the forefront of finding lasting solutions that uphold the human rights of people and especially women and children. At this moment of need, any community interventions and acts of compassion and humanitarianism must consider the needs and rights of women and girls.

When peoples stand together across political, national, ethnic, religious, racial and gender lines, for the sake of the overall well-being of a country loved and treasured by all, they sow the seeds of everlasting peace. Those who show responsibility for each other love beyond the self, and those who abhor violence are the ones who bring about real change. The World YWCA joins the voice of the citizens of the world in prayers and solidarity with the women and men of Egypt and Côte d' Ivoire and we stand with our YWCA sisters in their troubled countries.

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