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Make Middle East Peace an Election Issue

Written by Churches for Middle East Peace
October 14, 2010

Write a Letter to the Editor
Make Middle East Peace an Election Issue


Election day is less than three weeks away. Last week members of Congress returned to their districts to start campaigning. That means that your members are in your neighborhood, eager to shake your hand and hear what you have to say.

Issues like the economy, public education, and Afghanistan are dominating the election debate. Now is a critically important time for you to let your candidates know that pursuing a just and sustainable peace in the Middle East is important to you!

A letter to the editor in your local newspaper that mentions your member’s name is a great way to get their attention. The peace process is grabbing headlines around the country and the world these days, so now is an ideal time for you to make clear that seeking a peaceful settlement to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is important to you. It should therefore be important to your representatives in Washington.

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper calling on your members of Congress to support the peace process in the Middle East. 


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