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YWCA issues a new action alert on Gaza

Written by the YWCA of Palestine
August 22, 2014

The next few days are critical for all Palestinians, for Palestine and for the whole Middle East region. Either the Israeli leadership will take advantage of this golden opportunity and commit itself to participating positively in the peace negotiations, recognizing and respecting the rights of Palestinians to have their own sovereign state and live in freedom and dignity, or go back to war.

Even the Oslo accords which have been signed almost twenty years ago, and which offered almost nothing to the Palestinian, have been consistently undermined. The Israeli military forces went into Ramallah last night, which is Area A and under full Palestinian control, and deported Mrs. Khalida Jarrar, the woman member of the Legislative Council (or Parliament) to Jericho, another area under the Palestinian authority. The message that they are the Occupiers of Gaza and the West Bank has now been affirmed again to the whole world.  

If Israel chooses to continue its violent attacks over Gaza,  they will continue a long term military presence and siege that will continue to strengthen the resistance movement both inside Gaza and in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Palestinians have the right to resist their occupiers through force under the Geneva Convention.  Women and children will continue to be targets if a real just peace solution is not created.

We urge all of you who stand for peace and justice to do all you can to pressure your government to push all parties to reach a just and sustainable peace solution, and to recognize the rights of Palestinians for freedom and justice, and to pressure Israel to respect all international conventions, including the Geneva Convention, and demand security of civilians. So far, over 2,400 Palestinians have been killed and over 10,000 injured, who primarily are innocent civilians, and mostly women and children. This genocide has to stop before it is too late.

Please act quickly!!

Click here for the newest YWCA of Palestine Action Alert.

Click here to take action using the US ecumenical 3rd Thursday alert for August.

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