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YWCA issues new action alert on Gaza

Written by the YWCA of Palestine
August 7, 2014

Please see attached our latest Action Alert for Gaza. We are pleased that there is a 72-hour ceasefire which will end tomorrow, but we are still concerned that the war is not over, so need to urgently continue to call for the end of Occupation, and for a just solution.

The Palestinian people, like all people around the world, deserve to live in freedom and dignity. No people can live under siege for 8 years…..this is not justice! According to the latest formal statistics of the Ministry of Health, which change every day, the injured so far have been 9,563 of which 1,972 are women, and 2,877 are children. As a women’s organization, we are very alarmed with how this war over Gaza is affecting women and children. So far, 188 schools and 6 Universities have been hit, which will affect around 162,000 students, almost 52% of which are women.  The strikes were definitely on people and civilians, which the international community needs to stand up for.

Please join us in our call for justice!!  We ask you to act. Please click here to see proposed actions you can take.

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