Points for Prayer: Darfur, Sudan

Prayer points for Sudan

If you wish to write your own prayers then you can find some prayer points below:

Please pray for:

  • Protection for the people of Darfur. Thousands of people continue to be displaced from their towns and villages by militia attacks. Even in the displaced camps, people are still being attacked by Janjaweed fighters. Displaced people are calling out for protection from the international community.
    Yet proposals to give greater UN support to the small African Union protection mission are stuck in a diplomatic impasse. Pray for the civilians in Darfur who face violence and insecurity.
  • Peace in Darfur. 2.5 million people have been displaced from their homes by violence and are living in sprawling displaced camps Darfur and in neighbouring Chad. They will only be able to return home and rebuild their lives when peace comes.
    A rushed peace deal negotiated last year - the Darfur Peace Agreement - has failed to halt the violence. In fact, by splitting the rebels, it has made the situation more insecure. New effort is needed to re-invigorate the peace process. Pray that western governments will find the determination to bring peace.
  • Relief for the people of Darfur. Because of the attacks on villages, millions of people in Darfur depend on humanitarian agencies to survive. Yet these agencies are often denied permission to fly into many areas where communities are in need. Many aid workers have been attacked in Darfur by bandits and militiamen. Pray that, in spite of the violence, aid agencies are able to operate safely and that food gets through to those who so desperately need it.