Preschool in Sri Lanka

IMG_2797.JPGDuring my visit to Sri Lanka, I visited a preschool program supported by the Church of the American Ceylon Mission (CACM). I saw clearly how the support of Global Ministries goes beyond providing resources for educational needs to providing good food for nutritional needs as well. In some cases, the meals the children eat while at preschool are their only meals throughout the day. Most of the families in this region do not have fathers as many of the men were killed during the civil war in Sri Lanka. In addition to being deeply impacted by war, people in the region are experiencing water scarcity and extreme levels of drought. Churches are doing their best to provide assistance and resources for struggling communities.

IMG_2860.JPGParents and loved ones in this community are deeply invested in the children. Women from the community have signed up to help assist with daycare programs to help enrich and develop this generation of children. Teachers from the community give all they can to ensure the next generation is better off than the one before them. CACM strives to provide education, food, water, medical, and social services throughout Sri Lanka. CACM hopes that through the support of Global Ministries they will be able to provide the necessary needs for the communities they serve. 

Learn more about the Empowering Youth and Children project of the Church of the American Ceylon Mission in Sri Lanka here. 



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