Donations of Used Biblical and Theological Books

Christian Church of Sumba School of Theology

Former Global Ministries mission personnel, Reverend Max Surjadinata, Global Ministries, and the Southwest Conference of the United Church of Christ welcome you to donate your used theological and biblical studies texts, and/or provide gifts to cover shipping expenses of these books, to the Christian Church of Sumba School of Theology, a Global Ministries partner, in Indonesia. 

1-web.jpgIndonesia’s Christian Church of Sumba School of Theology (Sekolah Tinggi Theologi Gereja Kristen Sumba) is in crucial need of building up its seminary library, especially with Hebrew and Greek Bibles and dictionaries, as well as English language biblical commentaries and theological books, for its seminary library.  It is expected that donated books will be in good condition and be relevant to the life of the global church today.  

This request for assistance comes from the Rev. Irene Umbu Lolo, Dean of the Christian Church of Sumba School of Theology.  Max Surjadinata became acquainted with the seminary in 2012 as he served as a Global Ministries volunteer in Indonesia, and now wishes to remain connected with the work of the seminary through receiving, selecting, packing and shipping biblical study and theological books for the school’s library.    

Retiring pastors, theologians, seminarians and others who are cleaning up their theological libraries are invited to send books that they feel will be helpful to the Sumba School of Theology community to Max at: 

Reverend Max Surjadinata
1171 East Vaughn Street, Unit #D
Tempe, AZ 85283-3838

You also may contact Max at or telephones (480) 838-9047 or (646) 320-0355.

4_-_web.jpgGlobal Ministries will be happy to send individuals who donate used books for this purpose an acknowledgement of your in-kind gift, which can be used to document your charitable giving to the IRS.  Either provide your contact information to or to Max directly. 

In order for this special project to work, significant donations will be necessary to cover the shipping of the used books to Indonesia.  Gone are the days of inexpensive shipping rates for used books, which often were packed in large mailbags.  Max sent two boxes of books as a trial to the seminary several months ago, and although the books arrived safely and the seminary did not have to pay high customs fees, the postage to send one set of 12 biblical commentaries was approximately $200.00.  Therefore, donors are needed to contribute toward the shipping expenses.  The Southwest Conference of the United Church of Christ is happy to receive and receipt these financial gifts, which can be sent to:

Southwest Conference of the United Church of Christ
917 East Sheridan Street
Phoenix, AZ  85006-1627

Note designation “Shipping books to Sumba Indonesia seminary” 

5_-_web.jpgThe Christian Church of Sumba is a Protestant church of Calvinist background, a member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches.  The denomination was established on January 15, 1947. Today the church has congregations both on the island of Sumba and in various cities outside of Sumba.  In 2012 the church had approximately 600,000 members and 712 congregations. 

Global Ministries supports this group effort to provide biblical and theological textbooks to the Christian Church of Sumba School of Theology. 


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