Empowering Youth with Industrial Skills Training



Global Ministries has a partnership with The Unemployed Young People’s Association (UYPA) which is a comprehensive skill training institution in Madurai, one of India’s southern cities. The training programs work with both men and women, many of whom are physically challenged and isolated not only because of their poverty but also because of disabilities.

Some UYPA programs are designed specifically for girls and women whose education typically does not go beyond secondary school, for girls who are physically challenged, and for rural and urban women who are isolated by illiteracy and gender disparities. It is commonly known that women in India face many forms of violence throughout their life spans. Feticide, female infanticide, rape, dowry-related harassment, sexual violence, and bigamy are a few examples of these atrocities, which officials warn are on the rise. Women are typically unemployed or under-employed, creating a cycle of poverty for their children.  As a response to this crisis, UPYA has reinforced its work, especially with women and girls.

Despite the injustices suffered by India’s poor and India’s women, its economy is showing a modest strengthening in certain sectors such as the service sector. There is a growing demand, especially in urban areas, for domestic services, childcare, care of the elderly, tutoring, beauty treatments, electronic repair services, and many other services such as masonry and welding. New job opportunities are available in these sectors for persons that have acquired appropriate training certifications. UYPA prepares people for competitive placement in these sectors. These students, through UYPA, earn professional trade certificates issued by the Indian government, which enables them to secure employment.

The Need

A two-year course at the Unemployed Young People’s Association costs $400 which is not that much by US standards, but for youth from poor families it can be a year’s income.  The training can help a young man or woman gain skills that will serve them for a lifetime, but many are unable to go for lack of funds.

Provide a Scholarship!

  • $200 can enable a youth to attend one year of training.
  • $400 will enable a youth to complete industrial or computer training and join the ranks of skilled workers able to earn a decent living.

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