Water Borehole for Mt. Selinda

One of the challenges Mt. Selinda Hospital faces is the lack of water. There is one borehole with an electric pump to supply the hospital and the surrounding residences.


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The United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe (UCCZ) was founded in 1893 by the American Board of Foreign Missions, predecessor mission body of Global Ministries. Global Ministries works closely with this partner church in the many facets of its ministry in Zimbabwe. The denominational membership today is approximately 30,000 people in 47 churches and several preaching points and worship groups. The UCCZ has worked ecumenically on important efforts in Zimbabwe and is responsible for many schools and several health institutions in the country.

Mt. Selinda Hospital is located in the area of one of the first UCCZ congregations founded. Mt. Selinda Hospital faces many challenges as it provides health care in Zimbabwe’s critical situation of economic crisis, social/political conflict, and the devastating impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

One of the challenges Mt. Selinda Hospital faces is the lack of water. There is one borehole with an electric pump to supply the hospital and the surrounding residences. The pump runs constantly when electricity is available, usually between the hours of 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM which are typically the hours of electrical service. The borehole is far enough away from the generator that it would cost almost as much to hook it up to the generator as it would to drill another borehole. Adding the first pump to the generator would only add a few hours of operation per day and would, therefore, not contribute as much to the available water supply.

A second borehole and pump would solve several problems. It would increase the supply of available water, could be hooked up to the generator as needed, and would alleviate the need to run the pump continuously while the power is on. The hospital already has two storage tanks: one is covered, the other uncovered. The covered tank is the primary tank with the second tank being available for crop irrigation. With only one borehole, there is not currently enough water to use the second tank and, therefore, not sufficient water for crop irrigation in this drought affected area. Water for irrigation would help to grow crops to feed people experiencing hunger in the area. The government currently predicts that many people will die of hunger in the next couple of years and irrigating surrounding fields would help ease hunger in the immediate area.

The quote for the borehole is $4,350 USD plus approximately $1,500 for the pump and pipe and an estimated $500 for electrical hookup for an estimated total of $6,350.

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