EDCC Church Building

Republic of Congo (Brazzaville)


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The Church of the Disciples of Christ of the Congo (EDCC) in the Republic of Congo, is a relatively new church founded in 1995. Global Ministries has been a key supporter since the beginning of this effort, having helped fund a missionary from the Community of the Disciples of Christ in Congo (CDCC) in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo to the newly-forming EDCC from 1995 to 2003, and has continued to provide much-needed supplemental funding.

Although the Republic of Congo has made great strides in recovering economically from its 1997 war, the country remains divided along tribal and linguistic lines. The opportunity for religious freedom, after many years in which the government discouraged worship, has caused significant growth in the number of people interested in religious practice.  The EDCC is working to establish itself among the Lingala-speaking population of the RC. The church is still relatively small with about 2,000 members in the country but is growing.

For the purpose of being a strong, central support of the community in a time of need, the EDCC Church in Brazzaville has undergone a major building effort.  Between February and October of 2004, construction on the EDCC Church resulted in a number of renovations, including work on the pulpit, the flooring, and improvements to the choir loft.  The archways of the three main doorways and the porch have been reinforced.  Major plumbing work has been completed, including finishing the septic system, installing four lavatories, and shower stall; the final installations in the restrooms will be completed shortly.  The security channels are all new.  The entire church building has been fitted for electricity.  New drains have been dug for draining rainwater and preventing flooding. 

Some key projects remain in order for the church building to be finished.  A gravel entrance will replace the dirt entrance, and PVC piping will be used for the septic tank and cesspool ventilation.  Cable, circuit breaker, starters, and outlets are needed to complete the electric work in the building.  Three main entry doors must be completed.  Workers must install hinges and the stained glass window in the church.  Finally, the workers need to finish painting the borders and do a general retouching to the paint overall.

Funds for the renovation of the EDCC Church Building are especially important, since the price of fuel has increased during this time period.

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