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Community of the Disciples of Christ in the Congo

The Community of the Disciples of Christ of the Congo (CDCC) is a longstanding partner of Global Ministries. It was founded in 1898 and has been affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) since 1899. There are 324 congregations with 750,000 members. The CDCC is growing with immense potential for future development.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is struggling after five years of civil war and dictatorship. Over three million people were killed in the war. Vast numbers perished from easily treatable diseases and malnutrition. The death rate among young children is very high. Millions were forced to flee from their homes with no access to medical care and food. Families have been broken apart trying to survive. There is still much suffering from poverty, malnutrition, disease, and hunger. The area served by the Community of the Disciples of Christ of the Congo is very poor. Children are not in school and without proper clothing. Families are struggling just to survive. In spite of the difficulties faced, the church has remained the center of daily life for the people. Because of the poor conditions, there are no extra funds available to send students to the universities. Funding for scholarships is greatly needed to educate pastors and other students as future leaders for the Community of the Disciples of Christ of the Congo. Many of these students are already attending a university here in the Congo. However, they need assistance to continue their studies. Since funds are needed by each of the students, it is difficult to prioritize them by financial needs. Students have, therefore, been prioritized into five categories according to the needs of the CDCC. These categories are:  

  1. Women Students — There are very few women in leadership positions in the CDCC. Women make up the majority of the membership of the CDCC, so it is hoped more could be in leadership positions.
  2. Rural Pastoral Students — There is a shortage of well-trained pastors to serve in the CDCC rural areas. These new pastors would help fill some of these needs.
  3. Non-Pastoral Students — There is a growing need for trained administrative and management leaders to help pastors in CDCC congregations.
  4. Kinshasa Pastoral Students — Current pastoral students at Kinshasa.
  5. Medical students — The Disciples church has six hospitals located in remote areas that are providing important services to the surrounding populations. There is a need for doctors and other medical workers who are willing to work in the CDCC hospitals.

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