International Work and Study Camp


The Arab Group for Christian-Muslim Dialogue AGCMD and the Forum for Development, Culture and Dialogue FDCD, both partners of Global Ministries, believe that interaction transforms relationships. Their week-long International Work and Study Camp is based on the idea that young people are the future and peaceful coexistence can begin with the them. Young adults today, particularly in the Middle East, have very few safe spaces and opportunities in which they can come together in an honest and free manner to discuss sensitive issues they hold dear and to learn how to coexist with others peacefully. Every summer, young adults from various different countries, religions, and backgrounds, live together for a week to participate in dialogue, workshops, lectures, manual work, field visits to practitioners, and more.

Results of the camps include the following changes and improvements:

  • Participants experience dialogue as an alternative to violent confrontation and animosity
  • Participants leave with practical tools that can be used in many aspects of their lives
  • Participants have some of their prejudice and assumptions about the other challenged
  • Long lasting bonds of friendship and shared experience are formed
  • Participants have the chance to express and work through difficult issues
  • For most of the participants, they leave viewing peace as a vital value of their lives
  • Participants develop skills in dialogue around issues of conflict resolution

These results are achieved as participants attend lectures and workshops on listening tools, dialogue, human rights, and information about different religions. They also work together on a project such as painting a school or rehabbing a playground. They have field visits to religious and community centers, conflict resolution practitioners, and human rights organizations. They participate in social evenings which allow them to share cultural, culinary, and musical heritage from their respective countries. Most importantly, they live together for the week in a remote region, sharing three meals every day.

Participants in the annual camps are 30-35 young adults, from different countries (the Middle East, Europe, U.S., Canada, Asia) of different religious backgrounds, aged between 22 and 33.

Your gifts can help participants in the following ways:

  • $500 will pay for a full day of preparatory meetings
  • $300 will pay for entrance fees for tourist sites
  • $55 will pay for one night’s lodging for a participant

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