Disciples Woman-to-Woman Worldwide South Africa and Ghana Projects

In October 2016, a group of Disciples women participated in a Woman-to-Woman Worldwide pilgrimage, coordinated by Global Ministries to South Africa and Ghana. The women were especially moved by the ministries of two partner organizations, the Theological Education by Extension College of Southern Africa and the Smoked Fish Microcredit project of the Christian Council of Ghana. These ministries are being promoted while the delegates visit Disciples women around the United States and Canada interpreting their experiences during the coming period of study, prayer, reflection, and advocacy.  

Theological Education by Extension College of Southern Africa
The Theological Education by Extension College (TEE College), located in Johannesburg, South Africa, is organized to provide theological education to mainline and independent church leaders in Southern Africa. The school maintains an extensive network of ministers, churches, and 28 denominations across most southern African countries and also trains many lay people. TEE College has over 3,000 students, and the college has a special place within the educational and church scene in Southern Africa. Established in 1976 as a co-operative ecumenical church project, TEE College was established at a crucial stage of South Africa’s history and has been supported by seven Christian denominations.

TEE College exists to fulfill its mission “to equip anyone anywhere for ministry” and to serve the area churches and students who wish to study theological education by extension. The college offers a Diploma in Theology or a Bachelor’s degree of Theology. TEE also offers certificates in Theology, Christian Leadership, and Christian Worship, as the college aims to prepare students to contribute practically in their own lives as Christians and in the life and ministry of their churches. Gifts for the 2016 Woman-to-Woman-Worldwide service project will assist the Theological Education by Extension College of Southern Africa to provide academic scholarships, with an emphasis on providing scholarship support for female students of the college.

Smoked Fish Microcredit Project of the Council of Churches in Ghana
The Christian Council of Ghana is the unifying body of Christians in the country. Representing 26 member churches and three Christian organizations, the Council joins together in a common purpose to work for achieving justice, unity, reconciliation, and the integrity of creation in all aspects of Ghanaian society. The Council is dedicated to work for an increased realization of social and economic rights of disadvantaged women, men and children in Ghana.

The smoked fish microcredit project is a project of the Christian Council in Ghana to enable women and their families to afford basic necessities, educate their children, and to build on their means of production to earn a living. The art of fish smoking is performed at the artisanal level in the coastal towns and villages in Ghana, as well as in other coastal African countries. In these fishing communities, fish processing and sales are the primary economic activity of women, as it is a common ingredient in many Ghanaian soups and sauces. The Christian Council of Ghana and the women in the microcredit project chose to learn the art of smoking fish for many economic and practical reasons. A few of the reasons include that the process of smoking fish enhances flavor, prolongs the shelf life of fish, and the makes fish easier to pack, transport, and sell.

Disciples Woman-to-Woman Worldwide and Global Ministries welcome gifts to benefit the Theological Education by Extension College and the Council of Churches in Ghana.   

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