South Africa Video Clips from the College of Mission Interns Pilgrimage

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The following are video clips from South Africa taken by Kimberley Proctor on a flip camera during the College of Mission Summer Interns Pilgrimage to Southern Africa in July of 2010. They are meant to "put a face" on some of the partners that we have in South Africa.

Video #1: Rev. Majaha is the director of the leadership academy for the UCCSA (United Church of Christ of Southern Africa). He served on the Global Ministries board of directors and is based at the UCCSA headquarters in Johannesburg

Video #2: Edwin "Eddie" Makue is the general secretary of the SACC (South African Council of Churches) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Video #3: Rev. Dibeela is a UCCSA minister and advocates for youth, economic justice, and equal rights in the church.

Video #4: Joy Walker Edwards is from Cayman Islands, Jamaica and she is currently serving for 2 yearss as a missionary in Johhanesburg, South Africa working with the SACC (South African Council of Churches).

Video #5: Inanda Seminary (School for Girls) is located in Durbin, South Africa and provides numerous after-school extracurricular activities, one of which is a karate class.