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October 4, 2013

Sili is going to ASI the Philippines for MSSD.

Silimanotham Halsana, a multiple talent social worker of Laos, a ‘child’ of DONKOI center got a chance to go to the Asian Social Institute, (ASI) to pursue his Master Degree in Social Services and Development, MSSD. His 25% scholarship was approved by Global Ministries in March 2013 when Mr. Vjiay visited Laos.  Since then he began a long process of applying for the other 75 % scholarship from ASI, a prestige and well known university that offer MESERIO scholarships for Asian students for the past many years.  There had been a delay and confusion for the visa but finally he got his Student Visa on Friday 14 June and departed on Saturday 15, 2013.  We are all very happy for Sili.  Thank you ASI and Global Ministries for the great support.  Good luck SILI! 

Xuyen Dangers is a social work supervisor in Laos who trains Social work university students as interns in Donkoi Children Development Center.


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