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  • 2019 Starpoint Reformed Young Adult Festival in Hungary

    Tuesday, July 23, 2019 through Saturday July 27

    Every two years, thousands of young adults, ages 18 - 34, from all over the Carpathian Basin and international guests from around the world gather to worship, fellowship, and grow in faith with one another at the Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival. Each year, during the festival, young adults participate in various programs, including opening and closing worships, daily keynotes, round table discussions and workshops, and evening devotions and small groups.

    This year's theme is Unity, which will encourage young adults to think critically of “unity” in a wider context: fellowship within local communities, shared love as sisters and brothers in Christ, and much more. The young adult festival will begin on the afternoon of the 23rd of July in Debrecen, and it is recommended that delegates from the United States arrive earlier, on the 21st of July in Budapest.

    Program Outline:

    • 21-22 July, Special program in Budapest for international guests
    • 23-27 July, Starpoint Festival in Debrecen
    • 27 July, Afternoon Transfer back to Budapest
    • 28 July, Departure for home

    Click here to learn more about the festival. Participants from the Unites States are encouraged to contact Cathy Nichols at the information below. 


    For questions about this pilgrimage contact Cathy Nichols at
  • Young Adult Journey for Justice

    Saturday, July 27, 2019 through Sunday August 4

    The Joint Advocacy Initiative of East Jerusalem YMCA and the YWCA of Palestine invite international young people worldwide to the Journey for Justice in Palestine.

    Young adults between 17 and 30 years of age, from all over the world, in any background, religion or membership are welcomed to participate. 

    The Journey includes guided tours and visits into various areas and sites to witness life in Palestine with its heritage and culture. In addition, participants will attend professional presentations and discussions on key conflict issues, while interacting and living together with Palestinian young adult participants, to hear their stories & experiences of daily life, and dreams for the future.

    For more details about the Journey (including a schedule) with a Registration Form are available online.

    For questions about this pilgrimage contact Ibrahim Hannouneh at
  • 2019 Sabeel International Gathering

    Monday, December 2, 2019 through Saturday December 7

    Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center invites you to its first Sabeel Gathering in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. It will be a time of fellowship, friendship, and renewal, as well as a time of learning and discussion.

    The Gathering will explore the following themes:

    1. Realities on the Ground - Spend time seeing the realities on the ground in Palestine and Israel by speaking to people, seeing places, and spending time in reflection in the land of the Holy One.

    2. The Theologies of Palestine - Hear from theologians from Palestine and further afield, and discuss and reflect together on   the past, present, and future.

    3. Theology in Action - Explore the ways in which Palestinian Liberation Theology is developed through action in order to achieve a just peace in Palestine and Israel.

    Your presence gives hope and encouragement to continue on the path of peace with justice. Call on your friends and join this important gathering.

    Click here for more information. Register here today!

    For questions about this pilgrimage contact Sabeel Theological Center at
  • Discovery Programme: Connecting Communities, Enabling Change

    The purpose of this program is to develop change-agents who are committed to a world where there is justice for all within a Community of Learning that takes pride in African thought, culture and worldview. It is an opportunity to connect, to learn and experience African culture.

    For questions about this pilgrimage contact Lorna B. Hernandez at