HAITI: Dedication Service of the New CONASPEH Center on February 5, 2011

On Saturday, Febraury 5, 2011 CONASPEH dedicated a newly reconstructed Center on the site of the old building which collapsed during the January 12, 2010 earthquake. The following videos were taken by Mike Allen during the dedication ceremony.

Video #1: Photos of the whole dedication service put to Haitian music.

Length 4:48


Video #2: Opening Remarks by Pastor Guy, Member of the CONASPEH board.

Length 4:44


Video #3: Prayer by Karen Yount, Disciples Regional Minister for Women in Greater Kanasas City.

Length 1:59


Video #4: Remarks by Patrick Villier, the President of CONASPEH.

Length 12:19


Video #5: Sermon by David Vargas, Co-Executive of Global Ministries

Length 6:06


Video #6: Spontaneous Singing during the dedication.

Length 2:03


Video #7: Amazing Grace played on bagpipes by Nancy Marshall.

Length 1:35