Weekly Prayers

Pray with Indonesia, Sunday, June 9, 2019

Indonesia_2017_Deenabandhu_Manchala_05.JPGLectionary Selection: John 14:8-17

Prayers for Indonesia:  

Spirit of Truth, in Jesus Christ we see you. We see your unbounded love for this world—for all its creatures and all its peoples. Today we pray for Indonesia, a country enriched but also divided by the diversity of your creation: a country where palm oil plantations obliterate the native forests; where young people are bought and sold, their bodies a sacrifice to the gods of modernity; where the capital city is sinking into the sea from the weight of concrete and steel; a country where people call to you by many names, in hundreds of languages, where churches and mosques are overflowing with people who are still aware of their need for You. Spirit of Truth, recent elections have strengthened Indonesia's democracy, but at the same time have left Indonesia's religious communities increasingly divided from one another. Spirit of Jesus Christ, open their eyes, open our eyes, that we may see one another for who we really are: beloved children of God, sisters, and brothers. Though we call You by many names, You are still One God. Amen.

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Pray with Kenya Sunday, June 2, 2019

Kenya_3116643600_4b225f3a54_o.jpgLectionary Selection: John 17:20-26

Prayers for Kenya:  

Lord, we praise your name forever and ever. You are the Lord of Kenya. Jesus, we love you and we claim victory of the cross for Kenya. It is you that Kenya needs, it is you that Kenya loves and adores, you are the comforter, the perfect one. God, we pray that you wipe away the tears of Kenyans.

In its priority, Kenya wants to put you in the first place. Kenya finds its source and purpose in you. We seek the heart and the counsels of you in all that we do. We want to examine your Word and follow the direction of your mind, therefore prayer allows us to conform our will to yours.

People, after all, are one family called the Kenyan people and the Kenyan nation. They must learn to live, work together, and respect one another for the purpose of making Kenya a great nation.

We pray for Kenyans to maintain peace and love and to foster unity and harmony among themselves.

In the name of Jesus. Amen

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Pray with Kenya, Sunday, May 26, 2019

Lectionary Selection:  John 14:23-29

Prayers for Kenya:  

Thank you, God, for modern day prophets like Rev. Dr. Timothy Njoya, his bruises and the humiliation he suffered have changed the political landscape of Kenya. We also want to pray for Kenya as we go through a drought this long rainy season. We especially want to pray for those who died because of lack of water and food in the Turkana region and other arid regions in Kenya. Amen

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Pray with Haiti, Sunday, May 19, 2019

Haiti_Mckay_John13_34.jpegLectionary Selection: John 13:31-35

Prayers for Haiti:  

All loving and gracious God, You have given us a new commandment - to love one another. We are to love others as You have loved us. You did not come to teach us only in words, not to rule over us with laws and regulations. And we thank You for being the perfect model of love. You came to show us how to truly be servants of others, and by doing so - we love. We pray, Lord, help us to put aside our egos, our “good intentions,” our personal agendas, assumptions, and fears, in doing so we can love others with a humble spirit and open heart so our actions will reflect and glorify You. Lord, help us to be ready, at any moment, at all moments - to love. Simply love.

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Pray with East Timor, Sunday, May 12, 2019

East_Timor_Vijay_IMG_0180.JPGLectionary Selection:  John 10:22-30

Prayers for East Timor:  

Good and gracious Shepherd, we have heard your voice and your invitation to follow. From day to day, in many and diverse ways, you walk alongside us. You are at work in the rising of the sun and its setting. The intricacies of creation and human relationships show forth your presence with us. And for that, we give you thanks. On this day, we lift up to you the people of Timor-Leste. We pray for the Protestant Church of Timor Leste and especially it’s vital ministry Clinic Immanuel Lospalos. Bless us with your wisdom, patience, and compassion. Guide us that with each person we consult we would see your own face. Amen.

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Pray with Lebanon Sunday, May 5, 2019

Lebanon_Nishan_Bakalian_IMG_0149.jpegLectionary Selection:  John 21:1-19

Prayers for Lebanon:  

Dear Lord and Savior, Friend and Brother, standing by the edge of the water with your eye and heart fixed upon us, now hear our prayer as we immerse ourselves in the busy-ness of the day, trying to forget how abandoned we feel in this heartless world.

Though we wish to be with you today in Paradise, instead we find ourselves here on Earth, continuing the struggle to live each day no matter what may befall us, to serve you alongside the least of our sisters and brothers, to preserve hope in you amid every pressure to which we are subjected by powers, seen and unseen.

Remember your church in Lebanon today, as it carries your light to a society staggering under mistrust, corruption, selfishness, nearby wars, lack of reckoning with the past, abuse of nature and misuse of your name.

Open our ears as you lead us in casting our nets to gather an abundant catch of love and truth. Open our eyes to see that you have already prepared a table of fellowship to refresh and renew us. Open our hearts and our lips, to declare, even in our human frailty, “Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.” And empower us to demonstrate that love with our whole lives. In Jesus’ name, we pray.

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Pray with Kenya Sunday, April 28, 2019

Lectionary Selection:  John: 20:19-31

Prayers for Kenya:  

Lord, in our fear and despair, your comfort is always with your people in Kenya and the rest of the African continent. You always intervene in our difficult situations when we have no idea about what will happen.

Your presence is enough to heal the wounded hearts and make happy those who are sad. Help your people to move from unbelief and believe in your promises. When we are stuck by unbelief or doubt or even a sense of failure, the worst we can do is to seek solitude, to be alone with our doubts and worries.

Let not our faith depend on what we see. As a mother moves away from her little child to encourage her to walk, we believe that you left the disciples to learn to walk by faith. We also want this to be a reality for us today.

Whenever someone is saved, we know that Christ came out of the grave because it is Christ alone who can save a man. Whenever someone is transformed, that he/she leaves his/her old life, that he/she begins to walk according to the Word of God and in holiness, we know that Christ is risen because only Christ can transform a mankind and make him/her able to obey the command of God.

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Pray with Israel/Palestine Sunday, April 21, 2019

Israel_Palestine_Sara_Makari_Easter_Sunrise_Service_on_Mt._of_Olives.jpegLectionary Selection: John 20:1-18

Prayers for Israel/Palestine:  

Gracious God, our Heavenly Father, by the resurrection of your beloved Son, Jesus our Lord, you have turned sadness into joy, doubt into faith, anxiety into peace, darkness into light, and despair into hope.

We pray today for our neighbors in Palestine and Israel who work unceasingly for justice and peace but feel continually defeated by hopelessness, and cannot see light beyond the tunnels of mounting injustice and oppression. Grant them the fortitude not only to endure but to persist in seeking and pursuing those things that make for a just peace. Deliver all your children from the powers of evil that generate prejudice, hatred, racism, social disorder, violence, and a life less abundant for all.

We pray especially for those who are crushed by systems of injustice, those who are stripped of their human rights, those unemployed or deprived of a decent living, those who are marginalized, those coping with depression or fighting addiction, and others who turn to violence as a form of resistance. We pray also for those acting out an attitude of chosenness or supremacy and, by so doing, they disregard your image in their fellow-human beings. Lord, have mercy.  

We pray, too, for political leaders in our region, in our own land, and around the world many of whom may be driven by their own lust for power and are blinded to needs of the people they are called to serve. Touch their hearts and show them the way of your Son who came and lived to proclaim liberty to the captive, to heal the broken-hearted, to bring good news to the poor, and to give sight to the blind. May the victory of your love manifest in the resurrection of our Lord deepen our own faith and empower our living hope to serve you with determination and courage, and to live out the prayer we often utter: “Your kingdom come!”


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Pray with Mexico on April 14, 2019

Mexico_2006_Felix_Ortiz_05.jpgLectionary Selection:  Luke 19:28-40

Prayers for Mexico:  

We can be kind by David Friedman

So many things I can't control,
So many hurts that happen every day.
So many heartaches that pierce the soul,
So much pain that won't ever go away.
How do we make it better?
How do we make it through?
What can we do when there's nothing we can do?


            We can be kind.
            We can take care of each other.
            We can remember that deep down inside
            We all need the same thing.
            And maybe we'll find
            If we are there for each other
            That together we'll weather whatever tomorrow may bring.

Nobody really wants to fight,
Nobody really wants to go to war.
If everyone wants to make things right
Then what are we always fighting for?
Does nobody want to see it?
Does nobody understand?
The power to heal is right here in our hands.

And it's not enough to talk about it.
Not enough to sing a song.
We must walk the walk about it
You and I,
Do or die,
We've got to try to get along.

We can be kind.

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Pray with Thailand Sunday, April 7, 2019

Thailand_Chapel_Service_at_McGilvary_College_of_Divinity.JPGLectionary Selection:  John 12:1-8

Prayers for Thailand: 

O God, you are our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble. Therefore, we will not fear, though the earth should change. There is trouble and devastation all around this world, O God. We pray for the people of Thailand at a time when industrialization is harming the air. We pray for all leaders who are trying to find the best ways to respond. We ask, too, that all of us can be part of cleansing this earth that you have made, so that all living things may have a future. Give us the power to make sacrifices that honor you, and that honor this earth, our home. In all these things we thank you because of Jesus Christ, who never allowed obstacles to stand in the way of his work of compassion and redemption. Amen.

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