Weekly Prayers

Pray for Venezuela on Sunday, March 14, 2010

Prayers for Venezuela:  Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32

Holy One, we give thanks for the many years of ecumenical partnership with the Evangelical Pentecostal Church of Venezuela. We pray for the new Center for Theological Studies of Venezuela that just started its programs in different regions of the country in 2010. We pray especially for Rev. Elida Quevedo, the director of this Center, guide her with the vision to help new teachers in their training in the coming weeks. We also pray for the new Council of Bishops and their role as advisors, counselors and overseers. Be a source of hope for the people of Venezuela when a drought devastes the country, farmers cry for water and relief, and the population feels frustrated and weakened. This we pray in Jesus Christ, the son of the living God. Amen.

(Prayer by Carmelo Alvarez)

Global Ministries International Partners in Venezuela:

  • Programa Abierto de Capacitacion Teologica (PACTO)
  • Union Evangelica Pentecostal Venezolana (UEPV)

Global Ministries Missionary in Venezuela:

Carmelo Alvarez, a member of Hermandad Cristiana, Indianapolis, Indiana, has been appointed to serve the Latin American Evangelical Pentecostal Commission (CEPLA) and the Evangelical Pentecostal Union of Venezuela (UEPV) based in Chicago. He serves as program consultant and visiting professor for the CEPLA and the UEPV.

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Pray for Thailand on Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lectionary Text and Prayers for Thailand: Luke 13:1-9

O creator God, we are grateful for Thailand, for its hospitable people and beautiful land! As it is presently rocked by political rivalries and turmoil, grant reconciliation and stability that peace and justice rule in the kingdom. Continue to bring comfort and healing to people stricken with HIV-AIDS, prosperity to poor farmers in the hinterlands; Grant the king good health and bless his projects to uplift the life of its citizens. And bless the work and ministry of the Church of Christ in Thailand, empower it to be an instrument of truth and justice, righteousness and peace. In name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

(Prayer by Salvador T. Martinez)

Global Ministries International Partners in Thailand:

  • McGilvary College of Divinity at Payap University is dedicated to preparing quality leadership for the Christian church in Thailand and in the region with its international program.  Payap University is a Christian institution that offers an excellent education and training in a variety of subjects. Both Payap University and McGilvary are attended by students from several nations of Southern Asia in addition to Thailand, including China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Recently, Global Ministries missionary, Salvador T. Martinez, has spent fourteen years teaching  at McGilvary and directing the International M. Div. Program.
  • The Church of Christ in Thailand has active programs in HIV/AIDS education and prevention. They also are providing vocational training to tribal women in the hope that this will reduce the numbers of women joining the sex industry
  • The Thai Burma Border Consortium provides only basic food and shelter for refugee populations, but the need exceeds the available assistance. They have estimated that as many as 600,000 Burmese are internally displaced persons (IDPs) The Burmese Army destroys homes in areas where they have found ethnic resistance and as a result the population flees to resettlement sites. Many of these IDPs are used for forced labor and many flee the country becoming refugees by crossing the border into Thailand. The Consortium has reported that this year has seen the worst human rights abuses across the border since 1997. They are seeking support for their Emergency Rice Assistance Program. Thailand does not wish to accept any more refugees and would like to begin repatriation of those already in Thailand. The situation in Burma (Myanmar) has not substantially improved, however, and although repatriation will be an issue at some point, it does not seem likely to happen soon.

Global Ministries Missionary in Thailand:

Salvador T. Martinez, a member of Silliman University Church of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, has been appointed to serve the Church of Christ in Thailand. He has been teaching ethics, theology, homiletics and church history at McGilvary College of Divinity, Payap University since 1993 and has been directing the International M. Div. Program of the College since 2004.  He has also helped in the HIV-AIDS ministry of the Church of Christ in Thailand.

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Pray for Egypt on Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lectionary Text and Prayer for Egypt: Luke 13:31-35

God of Abraham, we thank you for the faith of your servant, Abraham, our common ancestor among Jews, Muslims and Christians. As we pray for Egypt today, we think of our brothers and sisters in the Christian community and their efforts to reach out to those in need regardless of their religious affiliation. We thank you for the various development programs of the Coptic Church in Egypt that bring health, education and economic empowerment to the "least of these". We pray particularly for the work of Kathleen and Paul, as they welcome refugees in your name at St Andrew's Church. Amen

(Prayer by Bob Shebeck)

Global Ministries International Partners in Egypt:

  • Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services: Begun as a literacy project in 1950, CEOSS is one of Egypt's largest development organizations, providing integrated approaches to poor communities in areas of economic, agricultural and environmental development, health care, and education.
  • Bishopric for Public, Ecumenical and Social Services: In 1962, the Coptic Orthodox Church founded the Bishopric of Public Ecumenical & Social Services (BLESS) to take the leading role in achieving development in poor and disadvantaged communities. This work has gone through various phases, the last of which is the Comprehensive Integrated Development (CID) at the community level, in 29 communities, as well as at the national level in the areas of youth and education.

Global Ministries Personnel in Egypt:

Kathleen Kamphoefner and Paul Pierce serve a joint appointment (Global Ministries, ELCA and RCA) at St Andrew's Church in Cairo, Egypt. They are the Refugee Program Coordinators working with Sudanese and other refugees from African countries in educational and vocational training programs that improve the opportunities for successful integration upon resettlement or repatriation.

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Pray for Japan on Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lectionary Text and Prayers for Japan: Luke 4:1-13

Dear God, thank you for the many gifts of community and fellowship with the global Christian community. This week we pray for Japan. We ask for your light and guidance for Christians in Japan on their journey towards your kingdom here on earth. Help us to learn to serve and walk alongside our partners in the Japanese church on this mission. We…

- Pray for global food security and for ministries like the Asian Rural Institute in Tochigi Prefecture which help to inspire leadership in rural communities both in Japan and around the world. 

- Pray for the indigenous peoples of Japan from the Ainu peoples of northern Japan and Hokkaido to Ryu Kyu peoples in Okinawa, and others as they continue their struggle for acknowledgement by the Japanese people and government.

- Pray for the Christian centers and smaller ministries like the Emmaus Center, the Douhoku Centre, the Student Christian Fellowship (SCF), Bazaar Café, and Ginowan Seminar House as they continue to serve as a vital meeting point between the church and the wider community. Help them to continue their work serving the most vulnerable and needy.

-  Pray for sexual minorities, the LGBT community in both Japan and the US, that they are able to find acceptance and understanding from their families, religious institutions, and government leaders.

- Pray that awareness of Article 9 of Japan's Peace Constitution will continue to grow both here in Japan and abroad. We pray that Japan will be an example of peace in seeking non-military means for conflict resolution.

We bring these prayers to you from a world, still broken, as a forgiving and forgiven people of God.  Amen

(Prayer by Sandra Lee-Takei)

Global Ministries International Partners in Japan:

  • Doshisha University: http://www.doshisha.ac.jp/english/ Martha Mensendiek is a teacher of Social Welfare at Doshisha University, Kyoto. Casilda Luzares teaches English.
  • Asian Rural Institute: The mission of the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) is to build an environmentally healthy, just, and peaceful world, in which each person can live to his or her fullest potential. This mission is rooted in the love of Jesus Christ. To carry out this mission, ARI trains and nurtures rural leaders for a life of sharing. Leaders, both women and men, who live and work in grassroots rural communities primarily in Asia, Africa and the Pacific form a community of learning each year together with staff and other residents. Through community-based learning they study the best ways for rural people to share and enhance local resources and abilities for the common good. 
  • Emmaus Center: Rev. Jeffrey Mensendiek works as the Director of youth ministries at the Emmaus Center, Northeast Conference of United Church of Christ in Japan, based in Sendai, Japan. Ms. Sandra Lee-Takei works as a global mission Intern at the Emmaus Center as the assistant to the Director of youth ministries. 
  • Kobe College: http://www.kobe-c.ac.jp/ekc/index.html
  • Korean Christian Church in Japan: http://www.kccj.net/
  • Miyagi Gakuin Women's University:
  • National Christian Council of Japan: http://ncc-j.org/english/profile.htm
  • Tohoku Gakuin University: http://www.tohoku-gakuin.ac.jp/en/index.html
  • United Church of Christ in Japan:

Global Ministries Missionaries in Japan:

Sandra Lee-Takei serves as a Global Mission Intern at the Emmaus Center

Casilda Luzares teaches English at Doshisha University and is involved in pastoral ministries to migrant workers from the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand.

Martha Mensendiek teaches Social Welfare at Doshisha University

Jeffrey Mensendiek serves and the Director of youth ministries at the Emmaus Center and the Sendai Student/Youth Center in Sendai.

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Pray for Haiti on Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lectionary Text and Prayer for Haiti: Luke 9:28-36

Loving God,

Today we are hurting as we witness the horrific tragedy that has taken place in Haiti. Although we are a people that proclaim your never-ending love and justice, at this moment all that we can see is unjust suffering and pain. Give us the strength we need to sit with our doubts and questions and to grieve alongside our brothers and sisters throughout Haiti. As we mourn all that has fallen and been lost let us also celebrate the miracle of life and the gifts of courage, compassion, and perseverance that the Haitian people have shown the rest of the world in the wake of the earthquake. Help us to respond in this hour of need with the type of love and solidarity that Jesus taught us.

We send out special prayers for all of our Haitian brothers and sisters who are injured, have lost loved ones, and are suffering either emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

We pray that our partner the National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches (CONASPEH) may find the time and space to grieve the tremendous losses they have endured. Please hold them in your thoughts as they plan how to move forward as an organization committed to being a voice for the people of Haiti at this difficult time.

We pray for the family and friends of all of the nursing students and staff that were killed when the CONASPEH building collapsed.

We pray for the recovery of numerous CONASPEH churches, school, and other projects affected by the earthquake.

We pray for the protection and care of all of the children living in orphanages and those orphaned by the earthquake.

We pray that the needs of those who are hungry, thirsty, and homeless be met.

Finally, we pray that the rebuilding efforts in Haiti be done with a spirit of humility, cultural sensitivity, and well being that will benefit all of the citizens of Haiti in the future.

(Prayer by Kim and Patrick Bentrott)

To access the Bentrott's blog, click here: http://www.kimandpatrick.blogspot.com/

To access information on the Haiti Earthquake response, click here: http://globalministries.org/news/lac/haiti-earthquake-what-we.html

Global Ministries International Partners in Haiti:

  • National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches (CONASPEH) is composed of 6,000 affiliated grassroots churches, approximately 3,000 neighborhood schools, plus the Karen School of Nursing and the Andrew Theological Seminary. An  important part of their mission is to provide a more unified political and social voice for Protestant churches in the country.
  • House of Hope is a project that works in favor of children who live in domestic slavery
  • Hospice St. Joseph is dedicated to walking with the poor who can't afford health care or emergency surgery.
  • Ecumenical Committee for Peace and Justice
  • Service Chrétien D'Haiti
  • Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti
  • Christian Center Integral Development: Sant Kretyen pou Devlopman Entegre (SKDE)

Global Ministries Missionaries in Haiti:

Kim and Patrick Bentrott have been appointed to serve the National Spiritual Council of Churches in Haiti (CONASPEH). Kim advises CONASPEH on health care and diaconal projects and programs and Patrick on theological education and diaconal projects and programs.

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Pray for South Africa on Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lectionary Text and Prayers for South Africa: Luke 5:1-11

God, we thank you that when we follow Jesus, you lead us to into an abundant and meaningful life. Help us to listen to his voice so that we may know where to cast our nets in the sea of life. Give us the courage to believe that you want to bless our work and ministry. Today, we pray for our partners in South Africa. We thank you for the work that they are doing there in your name and we ask you to help us to faithfully walk with them as they follow Jesus.

(Prayer by Bob Shebeck)

Global Ministries International Partners in South Africa:

  • South African Council of Churches: This council consists of the joint work of 26 member churches.  The SACC focuses its ministry on social justice, the integrity of creation, and the alleviation of poverty.
  • Theological Education by Extension College: This college, supported by nine member churches, helps prepare students for ministry, whether lay or ordained.  The college is ecumenical and students come from Catholic, Anglican, Reformed, and African Independent backgrounds.
  • United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA) – South Africa Synod:  The UCCSA - South African Synod consists of over 250 churches, divided into 11 regions.  Within the Synod one can find many different cultures and languages, making the SA Synod an example of reconciliation in the new South Africa.

Global Ministries Missionaries in South Africa:

Jonathan and Dawn Barnes, members of the Seventh Street Christian Church, Richmond, Virginia, serve the Kei Regional Council of the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA). They work as a development officers in the Kei region of the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Scott Couper and Susan Valiquette are members of First Congregational Church, Winter Park, Florida. Scott serves with the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA). He assists the Inanda Seminary in strategic planning and serve as a management consultant. Susan serves with the Inanda Seminary, Durban, South Africa. She works as the school chaplain and a class instructor.

Carla Giger, a member of Slater Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Slater, Missouri, serves with the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA), based in Johannesburg. She works as an assistant program coordinator for Girls Against the Spread of Aids providing HIV/AIDS education for youth. She is a Global Mission Intern funded by Week of Compassion.

Emily Christmas, a member of Florence Christian Church, Florence, Kentucky, serves the Theological Education by Extension College (TEEC) in Johannesburg, South Africa. She works as an administrative assistant in the Academic Department and Library. She is a Global Mission Intern funded by Week of Compassion.

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Pray for India on Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lectionary Text and Prayers for India: Luke 4:21-30

Our Loving God, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, we place before you this prayer of thanksgiving and supplication for the work of the Common Global Ministries, thru the Church of North India,  the Church of South India, along with partners, making a difference in the lives and communities scattered in many parts of India, the most populous democratic nation today.  Dear Father,   we pray for these Church-related hospitals, schools, social, and spiritual agencies striving to bring the good news of an abundant life especially to the poor and oppressed (Ref: Luke 4:21-30).  May they continue to be relevant in their social and political situations, bringing hope to the needy, sick, and marginalized. 

We place into Your Caring Hands our brothers and sisters in Christ who face religious persecution.  In their deep and strong faith they are risking even their lives to stay true to your message of love and forgiveness.   We acknowledge, dear Lord that this courage is a sign of your presence and we seek your guidance for the Church in bringing understanding and peace.

Let us pray for the leaders of India, that they may with maturity, and integrity; in justice and skilful statesmanship deal with the innumerable challenges which affect the daily lives of the common person, such as, daily terrorist activities, not only planting constant fear, but threatening to dislodge a delicate condition of peace with neighbouring countries. 

Gracious God, we close this prayer with the assurance that you will continue to bless the efforts of all your children who seek to spread the love of Jesus.  In His precious name we pray.  Amen

(Prayer written by Nancy Lott Henry)

Global Ministries International Partners in India:

Besides the Church of North India and the Church of South India, Global Ministries has about forty partners in India. To view a list of those partners and a paragraph summary on each, go to: http://www.globalministries.org/sasia/countries/india/ and scroll down to the partner section

Global Ministries Missionaries in India:

Teresa and Anil Henry are serving a four year term with the Synodical Board of Health Services of the Church of North India. Teresa is the anesthesiologist of the Christian Hospital of Mungeli and Anil works as a medical doctor there.

Nancy Lott Henry is serving as a long-term volunteer with the Church of North India. She is working as a teacher of nurses for hospitals in their eastern region.

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Pray for Turkey on Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prayers for Turkey: Luke 4:14-21

We read how Jesus preached and taught in the synagogues. We are amazed at his declaration that in his teaching and preaching the Isaiah passage was fulfilled. Anoint us too, that we bring good news to the poor, proclaim liberty to the captive, heal the blind, and release the prisoner. When we don't see immediate results, give us the confidence and vision of Jesus. Ultimately our efforts will be caught up in God's fulfilling grace.

-        We are thankful for the work of the American Board in Turkey in health and education, and how it has inspired generations to devoted service and a compassionate attitude.

-  We are grateful to the member churches of the Istanbul Interparish Migrant Program who support feeding and clothing the poor, and healing the sick.

-  We pray for those refugees who have serious health conditions and no resources to heal themselves.

-  We pray for the students and teachers in our adult education programs, where refugees and migrants learn skills that expand their futures.

(Prayer by Betty and Ken Frank)

Global Ministries International Partners in Turkey:

  • Istanbul Interparish Migrant Program: Predecessors of the current Global Ministries personnel in Istanbul organized local parishes to serve the influx of refugees to that city during the First Gulf War in 1991. Hearing the continuing call to minister to the needs of economic migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees stranded in Turkey – they number close to 100,000 today – the parishes over the years have sustained and further developed this ecumenical program of Christian mission. The focus is on the most marginalized group of migrants, namely women with children. Services include food, clothing, health care, counseling, voluntary repatriation, adult education and emergency shelter subsidies. IIMP is a critical presence in the lives of those they help. Its work overlaps with NGOs that advocate for the rights of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Global Ministries personnel are officers on the IIMP Board.
  • Health and Education Foundation: The Health and Education Foundation, a Turkish secular philanthropy, began in 1968 to protect and renew the educational and medical institutions of the American Board, which represents the founder of these institutions more than a century ago. The Health and Education Foundation consists of volunteers who are the graduates of the American Board schools. There are three high schools in Turkey (TarsusIstanbul, Izmir), a hospital in Gaziantep (SEV American Hospital) and a printing press (SEV-YAY), founded by the American Board but now managed by the Health and Education Foundation, which has full responsibility and authority for them. The institutions exemplify the positive possibilities for bridging cultural divides and building trustful relationships that are needed in today's pluralistic world. Global Ministries follows with hope and interest the progress of these historical institutions through its office in Turkey, the American Board.


Global Ministries Personnel in Turkey:

Ken & Betty Frank serve with the American Board in Istanbul, Turkey.  They share the job of General Secretary of the American Board.  They also serve on the board of the Istanbul Interparish Migrant Program (IIMP) and work in its programs.

Alison Stendahl serves as Academic Dean of and a math teacher at Uskudar American Academy in Istanbul, Turkey. She also represents, along with Peter Makari, Global Ministries on the Near East School of Theology (NEST) Board in Beirut, Lebanon.

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Pray for the Philippines on Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lectionary Text and Prayers for the Philippines: John 2:1-11

God of Love, we thank you for signs of your presence in our everyday life and the details of your world. We ask you to help us to be servants of the abundant life your Son, Jesus, came to bring for all. We pray specifically for our partners in the Philippines today. May they be signs of your presence in their context and agents of transformation. We pray especially for those pastors and leaders of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines who are walking with the poor in their communities and seeking to empower them for your service. Watch over and protect them. Help them to taste the new wine of transformation for which they are working so hard, in Jesus name. Amen 

(Prayer by Bob Shebeck)

Global Ministries International Partners in the Philippines:

  • Dansalan College Foundation
  • Northern Christian College
  • Silliman University
  • Southern Christian College
  • Union Theological Seminary
  • United Church of Christ in the Philippines

Global Ministries Missionaries in the Philippines:

  • Levi Oracion, a member of Emmaus Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Covina, California, serves the Divinity School of Silliman University in Dumaguete City as a long-term volunteer. He is a professor of theology.
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Pray for Honduras on Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lectionary Text and Prayers for Honduras: Luke 3:15-22

Loving God, help us to be as bold as John in proclaiming your Good News in the world today. Remind us constantly of our baptism and the promise of the Holy Spirit to act and speak in Jesus name. We come before you today and ask specifically that you may help heal the wounds in Honduras. Be with our partners as they proclaim your Good News during this difficult time.

Prayer Requests:

  •   The staff of the CCD, that they may continue striving towards sustainable development in Honduras.
  •   Understanding from both political parties struggling for power, and hurting many in the process.
  •   Safety, comfort, and healing for those effected by the human rights violations ranging.

(Prayer by Alan Dicken)

Global Ministries International Partners in Honduras:

  • Christian Commission on Development (CCD): Ecumenical organization based in Tegucigalpa working on sustainable development projects with churches and communities in Honduras. http://www.ccdhonduras.org/espanol/
  • Honduran Theological Community (CTH): Ecumenical theological education with a residence program in Tegucigalpa and distance learning cells throughout Honduras.
  • Evangelical and Reformed Church of Honduras (IERH): Synod leadership is based in San Pedro Sula with 50 or so congregations spread out through the northern portion of Honduras.
  • Association of Evangelical Institutions of Honduras (AIEH): Social action arm of the Evangelical and Reformed church.
  • Mennonite Social Commission (CASM): http://www.casm.hn/

Global Ministries Missionary in Honduras:

Alan Dicken, a member of Tylersville Road Christian Church, Mason, Ohio, serves the Christian Commission of Development (CCD) in Honduras. He works in the communications ministry and assists with hosting groups visiting the CCD.


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