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Pray with Lesotho Sunday, September 1, 2019

Lesotho_Danielle_Murry_Knowles_02.jpgLectionary Selection: Luke 14:1, 7-14

Prayers for Lesotho: 

O God, we pray for Lesotho, a country that holds both spectacular beauty and stark challenges within its borders.

We are grateful for the magnificence of the mountains and the alluring austerity of the lowlands in mid-winter. We thank you for the richness and goodness of life lived, from the chaotic hustle and bustle of marketplaces to the isolation and solitude of expansive grazing lands. We are grateful for your presence in us and among us.

We pray for farmers who painstakingly wait months for rain to fall so that they can plant their crops. We pray for herd boys, as young as four years old, who spend days alone with their sheep on high, sunny, windswept mountain slopes. We pray for pregnant women who travel from remote villages to reside among strangers at hospitals for weeks before their babies are born. We pray for men who leave their loved ones for months at a time to labor in the dangerous mines of South Africa. We pray for laborers who make the heavy choice to leave their beloved homeplaces in order to seek better economic opportunities in lowland cities. We pray for those who have too many funerals to attend on the same Saturday, who must choose which loved-one’s burial they witness.

Lesotho_Danielle_Murry_Knowles_05.jpgIn this time of political unrest, we pray for government leaders, that there will be an end to warring party factions, instability, and corruption. We pray for wise and honest leadership that will direct Lesotho toward justice, prosperity, and peace.

We pray for the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa (LECSA) as it seeks to live out God’s call to minister to the poor and marginalized. Give them vision as they prepare for their annual Pilgrimage of Peace and Justice in October. Guide them in developing new ways of communicating their Strategic Plan. Watch over those involved in the implementation of church projects from the completion of church halls and pastors houses to the delivery of furniture and toilets to schools that need them, to the improvement of spaces for waiting mothers at health institutions.

We pray for justice, that all people are invited to the table, that all are welcomed and honored.


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Pray with El Salvador Sunday, August 25, 2019

El_Salvador_Violeta_Rocha_03.jpegLectionary Selection:  Luke 13:10-17

Prayers for El Salvador:  

We thank God for this woman hunched over from the Gospel of Luke, who impresses us with her strength to remain visible in spite of the bend in her back in religious and social spaces and at the same time invisible because of the reality of exclusion in her society and religion for 18 years.

We thank God for the Salvadoran women who have written a great part of the history of this country, many of them being invisible for the marks that violence has left and that still leaves on their bodies, and visible for their persistence in their faith, participation, and construction of peace.

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Pray with the Philippines Sunday, August 18, 2019

Philippines_Eleazar_Fernandez_01.jpgLectionary Selection:  Luke 12:49-56

Prayers for the Philippines:  

Our land is bleeding, O God, as well as your people. We raise to you our pains and laments!

Extractive industries continue to expose the veins of the earth, mine its wealth, plunder its resources, destroy its ecosystem, and displace the indigenous peoples. Those who resist are often silenced. The Philippines has now topped others countries in the numbers of people killed in defense of land and the environment. Pile of dead bodies, especially indigenous people and environmental defenders, continue to rise. God, hear our cries.

Beyond natural calamities and poverty, the war on drugs and counter-insurgency campaign have already claimed the lives of many, especially the poor and the marginalized sectors of our society. In recent weeks, a surge of killings happened on the island of Negros, and perpetrators continue their killing spree with impunity. Hear our cries, O God.

Help us, just and loving God, to see the signs of your presence in the midst of our troubled society. Remind us that violent reaction is the usual default of the power wielders and social division is a reality when the good news is preached to the disenfranchised.

In the hours of trial empower and sustain us with your steadfast love, dear God, so we can continue to hold on to what is right, and let your spirit guide us to faithfulness. Amen.

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Pray with Guatemala Sunday, August 11, 2019

Lectionary Selection:  Luke 12:32-40

Prayers for Guatemala:  

Pray with the pleas of your Latin American brothers and sisters:
Ana Paula: May people who are faith committed raise their prophetic voice with the organized communities that are caring for Creation.
Franklin David: May our Disciples of Christ and United Churches of Christ churches of the United States add their commitment of faith in the intercontinental campaign against environment killing companies. Earth, water, forest, and life call us to be prophets of a new day. That day will come, if your hands, your voice, and your spirit become flesh and blood in us.
Victor: May the Creator be peace, hope, strength, and wisdom for the caretakers and defenders of water and Creation so that we can face the threats of death with great energy, strategy, and life, mainly with hope.

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Pray with Japan Sunday, August 4, 2019

Japan_Jeff_Mensendiek_Camp_one.jpegLectionary Selection:  Luke 12:13-21

Prayers for Japan:  

God, who speaks to us through parables,

Jesus told a parable about a rich fool who looked upon his blessings and then went about building himself a new barn where he could store his crops. Life had been good to him so he told himself, “Relax, eat, drink, and be merry,” for he was pleased with what he had. But the fool didn’t know how to see beyond himself. He didn’t know how to be rich toward God. God, grant us the vision to look beyond ourselves, the wisdom to live for your kingdom, and the courage to live toward a future of blessing for all of your Creation. Amen

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Pray with Ecuador Sunday, July 28, 2019

Ecuador_Marilyn_Cooper_IMG_4587.jpegLectionary Selection: Luke 11:1-13

Prayers for Ecuador:  

Thanks God, that you have shown us how to pray. Thanks that we may ask of You and it will be given; that we may seek and we will find; that we may knock and the door will be opened. Your Holy Spirit comes to us in many ways including in our work on your behalf.  

Oh Lord, we ask that the Holy Spirit thrives in us. Help us in FEDICE to encounter those most in need. Guide us to ensure those who seek are formed into a union that helps the whole community flourish. Continue to encourage us to make a difference in the lives of those in Ecuador and those who come from other places to meet the people of Ecuador on your behalf.

Ecuador_Marilyn_Cooper_IMG_4598.jpegThank you, dear Lord, for our work on behalf of the people of Ecuador, for those who support FEDICE, and for Global Ministries who touches so many throughout the world.  Amen.

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Pray with Botswana Sunday, July 21, 2019

Botswana_Victoria_Peagler_IMG-20190704-WA0009.jpgLectionary Selection: Luke 10:38-42

Prayers for Botswana:  

You who are the Good Shepherd of your people, I pray for your people around the globe that they may experience your love and come to appreciate your abundance of peace and true justice. Oh Lord our Redeemer, this day I specifically pray for the people of Botswana and for our partners with Global Ministries.

I further pray, Oh Lord, that you will heal the people of this great nation and grant us peace and justice irrespective of race, ethnicity, or gender. Bestow upon us the recovery of right vision and foresight. Oh God, real solutions will only come as we the people of Botswana put our priorities in the right place and set our focus on you.

Therefore, may the Holy Spirit help us to be as Mary in our text who spent time in the presence of Jesus. Oh Lord, often we become so busy with our work and ministry that we neglect to spend quality time with you – the King of kings and the Lord of lords who, after all, is the very inspiration behind our service. Help us Holy Spirit to find the right balance between our work, ministry, and mission and not make excuses as to why we become easily distracted and as a result are troubled regarding many things!

Dear Lord, we humble ourselves before you and ask that you forgive us our transgressions and neglect of you. We ask O Lord, that the motives for everything we do be acceptable unto you, we pray in Jesus’ name, Amen!

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Pray with Morocco Sunday, July 14, 2019

Morocco_Fritz_Joseph_Youth_Ministry.jpegLectionary Selection:  Luke 10:25-37

Prayers for Morocco:  

Precious God, creator of heaven and earth, giver and sustainer of life, in You we live and move and have our beings. There is nothing we can do without you. And all that we are able to do is because of You. We are crying out to you for this beautiful land of Morocco and for all of us who dwell in it.

The past days have been challenging for our church. We have lost loved ones, we have been shaken by winds of oppression and division. But still your presence is with us and your Spirit comfort us!

We pray for this country which is home for some, a dreamed destination for many and a transit for others. Give us the ability to welcome the stranger as an extension of yourself, help us to treat each other as our brother and sister. Let your liberating love touch and transform our hearts so we may love as You love us. Let your amazing grace teach us how to extend mercy to those who seem to need it.

Shine your light of hope and courage in the darkness of the many challenges we have to face. Renew our strength so we may continue to be servants of the least of us. As You are working through us and with us, please remind us that we are earthly vessels empowered by You to accomplish your will. Let us walk humbly before you in love, with joy and peace.


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Pray with Venezuela Sunday, July 7, 2019

Lectionary Selection:  Luke 10:1-11, 16-20

Prayers for Venezuela:  

Holy One,

We give you thanks for our sisters and brothers in Venezuela and have heard their cries for justice and peace in the midst of a difficult time. Cover them with your peace. Make a way for reconciliation and fresh hope.

Help us to be better neighbors to our siblings in Venezuela. We commit to you our solidarity with them. We will continue to listen to and walk with them in the midst of this crisis and in the days beyond.

We celebrate, God, that you can make a way where there is no way. We are grateful that your love knows no limits.

In Christ’s name, we pray,


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Pray with Mexico Sunday, June 30, 2019

mexico_Cindy_Moraga_Capacitacion.jpegLectionary Selection:  Luke 9:51-62

Prayers for Mexico:  

God the Father and Mother, you show us your love in the life and wisdom of Jesus. Teach us to follow you in your solidarity with the poorest and most marginalized in this world.

In solidarity with those who suffer because of injustices.

In respect for the dignity of every human being and of all creation.

In your calling to share resources with those most in need. 
In your love for all people without conditions. 

We hear your call to be your disciples.

We are committed to serving you by following the example of your life. 
We commit ourselves to honestly confronting our selfishness. 
We commit ourselves to deny ourselves, to take the cross and follow you. 
We commit ourselves to be guided by your Spirit to bear witness to your Kingdom of righteousness and life.


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