Mission Stories

  • A Year of Vibrant and Creative Activities

    By: Eleazar Fernandez Mar 27, 2017

    Philippines_-_Fernandez_Spr_2017_pic1.pngIt has been a year of vibrant and creative activities. Let me highlight a few.

    In line with UTS’s goal of making theological education more accessible, portable, and affordable, we have pursued and fined tuned our hybrid (online and face-to-face) offerings, which include both degree and certificate programs. For our Innovative Theological Education Program (a certificate program), we conducted two seminars for two groups: (1) Southwest Philippines Annual Conference (UMC) in Silang, Cavite...Read more...

  • Acompanamiento

    By: Amelia Casillas Mar 27, 2017

    Paraguay_-_Casillas_Spr_2017_LIDERESAS_(2).jpgEl Chaco Paraguayo, lugar de tierras desérticas, de grandes extensiones de tierra roja, con Bosques de Palmas “Karanda´y” termino Guaraní, donde el sol, de radiante esplendor, sonríe en cada amanecer para acariciar la campiña que se levanta, al Indígena en su búsqueda del pan diario, al Campesino luchador y a los grandes Hacendados calculando sus ganancias sin mirar la necesidad que hay a su alrededor.  El Chaco Paraguayo que tantos hablan de él...Read more...

  • Exciting Things Happening at Christian Hospital Mungeli

    By: Anil Henry Mar 27, 2017

    India_-_Henry_Spr_2017_pic3.jpgThe few months after our Christmas update have been filled with exciting visits from friends around the world. From San Diego-based nursing students to dear friends of Dr. Anil Henry’s, Immanuel and Zarreen Babu, CHM has seen no shortage of visitors.


  • Leah in Thailand!

    By: Leah Dewey Mar 27, 2017

    Thailand_-_Dewey_Spr_2017_pic1.jpgI’m having a great time learning and teaching these elementary students in Thailand! They are learning a lot and I am learning a lot about Thai culture. It's been an amazing experience here. Christmas and holidays was such fun!


  • Hope and Transformation for Street Girls in Cape Town

    By: Nia Sullivan Mar 27, 2017

    South_Africa_-_Sullivan_Spr_2017_Ons_Plek.jpgWhen sharing the news of my move to Cape Town, I pause to take in the shear excitement and awe that people convey to me. In response to this news, I’m often given a list of tourist activities to partake in and various sights to visit. Many tourists share their stories of unparalleled relaxation and breathtakingly beautiful accommodations while visiting the motherland. To them, Cape Town is paradise. However, scores of South Africans...Read more...

  • Creating Bonds of Friendship

    By: Olga Yan-Pardo Mar 27, 2017

    Ecuador_-_Yan_Pardo_Spr_2017_pic1.jpgThe experience of being in Ecuador has been great, a magnificent opportunity to put love and knowledge into action. This country has everything. Its multiculturalism is admirable and each ethnic group maintains its customs and traditions. There is a lot to learn from Ecuador.


  • Unbind

    By: Loren McGrail Mar 27, 2017

    John 11:1-45

    Israel_Palestine_-_McGrail_Mar_2017_Pic1.jpgIn our Gospel story about Lazarus, Jesus comes late to Mary and Martha's home. Mary chastises him for not getting there sooner because he might have been able to do something to prevent their brother's death. 

    I identify with this passage because we who are activists working on a just peace in Palestine hear about tragedies here after they have occurred. So there is always this sense of deep sadness that...Read more...

  • Pray for South Africa on Sunday, April 2, 2017

    By: Nia Sullivan Mar 27, 2017

    2017_south_africa_ons_plek_01.jpgLectionary Selection: John 11:1-45

    Prayers for South Africa:

    God of Grace.
    God of love, peace, and everlasting healing,

    We thank you for the hope that you enrich us with on a daily basis. Even for the new mercies that we see every morning.

    Bless us with the energy and the resolve to proclaim and live your love and your justice throughout all of our experiences and encounters. By your grace and mercy, make...Read more...

  • Love Broke the Cross

    By: Anne Gregory Mar 24, 2017

    Thailand_-_YWCA_Camp_Bangkok_2017.jpgDuring the month of March, I’ve been working at the YWCA Summer Day Camp for elementary aged children.  (March and April ARE the summer months here.)


  • Change is Coming

    By: Andy Jepson Mar 24, 2017

    Sri_Lanka_-_Jepson_Kinerk_Spr_2017_pic1.jpgSpending most of one’s life in the northern United States makes it hard to focus on a spring newsletter when every day seems to be mid-summer! But we’ve had a bit of the rainy season that is about 6 weeks late in our part of Sri Lanka, and it has been cool enough some nights to turn off the fan after midnight!


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