Mission Co-Worker Visits

Mission Co-Worker Visits

Are you looking for a Mission Co-worker to visit – in person or virtually?

Now is a great time to invite a mission co-worker to visit your congregation for a sermon, a moment of the mission, or a Sunday School. Email serve@dom.disciples.org and invite a mission co-worker to share. Additionally, you can use a sermon from our mission co-worker Sermon Bank or treat yourself to an exciting Sunday school lesson with one of our Mission Co-worker Presentations.

Please contact us to plan your visit!

This mission co-worker is available to visit with your congregation:

Abigail Reed, who served in Korea (available January – March 2024)

Paul Chimhungwe, who serves in Botswana (available June 1 through July 31, 2024)

Contact serve@dom.disciples.org and schedule a visit today!