Special Projects

Special Projects

Your gift makes a difference today in lives around the world!
You have the opportunity to join a life-giving community that responds in bold ways to the world’s challenges – a community of thousands working globally to bring meaningful transformation to the lives of individuals, families, and communities in 90 countries plus the U.S. and Canada. 

We are gift-giving people.  We celebrate important dates, accomplishments, and events through the giving of gifts.  Any gift to Global Ministries can be given as an Alternative Gift to honor someone important to you or to recognize a special day, holiday, or birthday.  The honoree will receive a note sharing the news of the gift made in his/her honor.  At the same time, you as a donor are participating in the witness to God’s global mission as carried out by partner churches and programs throughout the world. Continue reading about Alternative Gifts with Global Ministries.

Working in partnership with over 290 partner churches and programs, your gifts to Global Ministries signify that you are walking together in hope with God’s mission through Global Ministries.  You and your church or organization can experience a more personal connection with a person in mission or an international partner through your giving.  Through your giving, you participate on issues of global impact and witness the inter-connectedness of the global community, including the areas of Global Ministries work illustrated below. You are welcome to explore these issues by clicking on them and to give for that particular area of work.  Or, as you explore a particular area below further, you also are welcome to give to a particular partner listed by a link from any of the issue pages below. 

Financial gifts are the most helpful way to assist global partner churches and programs because financial gifts allow the partners to purchase what they need most, and shipping materials are often costly and problematic for receiving.  However, few partners are able to accept material shipments. If you are interested in sending materials to global partners, find out more here